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Hi, my name is Jeni & I'm married to Hobbitt (yes his real name) We are planning the big move with early retirement next year ???? We do not have much knowledge of the South of Spain so if anyone could help us with the good & bad points of moving to Almeria, that would be great. ???? We will be travelling with two small dogs and possibly our youngest 20 year old & hopefully Doris our 32 year old VW Camper van, if she makes it ! ???? We want to integrate into the Spanish way of life & have started learning Spanish, so should be able to get around and will be looking to buy, make expat & Spanish friends. We do not want to live on the coast, especially tourist places but slightly further in, near to amenities so as we get older we will not need to move. Look forward to hearing from you  Jeni & Hobbitt xx

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Daniel H-365229 1444596391

Hi Jeni & Hobbitt!

My advice would be to do exactly what you're doing and do some travelling about. If you explore as much of the area as you can you'll get a feel for it.

Try and get to Totana of you can. The square in the centre is lovely and the surrounding mountains are green and beautiful!

JeniO 1444763274

Thanks Daniel, think we will be doing a bit of a road trip before finding our destination 

Albox16 1450633525

We've moved here too. We wanted to buy but decided to rent until we were sure about an area.

Currently in Albox, which to not too far from the coast, has a great market on Tuesday's and a friendly local and expat community, which you can be part of or take a step back. The town hall has free language lessons and most locals really respect you for learnig some Spanish. The cost of living is cheaper here and you get much more for your money. We moved from a 3 bed detached on the south coast and our money goes double the distance here. On the coast however it noisey and more expensive... Food, homes, eating out etc. However still being in our 30's we still like to party sometime. So you can pick up a cheap bedsit/flat in Mojcar for way less than €90,000. Which your son might appreciate! 

The people are very friendly in south Spain and it not hard to relax into the lifestyle! Relaxed and laid back, not quite like the north! Always shop around and always try to over the lang barrier - you'll get better deals from the local Spanish shops.

good luck Jenni! 




supersec-611519 1453999584

Hi - we're also considering moving to the area. We have just come home (to SW France) after 3 weeks nr Mojacar Playa.  I am interested in seeing what replies are posted to your request, Jeni.  I want to be within 10-15 min drive of activities (keep fit/dance/singing/other....)  I like the idea of walking to shops etc but equally we don't want to have neighbours too close as WE are the noisy neighbours!  (loud music).  

I look forward to other people's advice - esp on where NOT to buy!  We wre told by an agent that Heurcal Overa has lots of pig farms around, so often very smelly.

Lots of places advertise fly screens. Are flies a big problem? 

If anyone is looking to sell, we need large, light & airy living room, 3+ beds, parking 2 cars, preferably swimming pool, good size fitted kitchen. Budget up to 250K  Thanks!

JeniO 1454001804

Thanks for the feed back and sorry it's taken so long to reply. We have just returned from the Caribbean and a once in a lifetime holiday.

we are going over to Malaga on the 6th for a few days to have a look at properties inland from the coast around Coin, Mijas & Estaponia. 

We are then leaving the uk in April in our trusty steed Doris a VW camper van and going on a road trip down to Costa del sol. I know we could get more for our money further North but want to live in one of the villages further inland. Neither one of us are in a rush to buy and will take our time looking. At the young age of 52 & 61 we are begining a new adventure ????????????????????

supersec-611519 1454002576

Good for you! Go for it, you only live once!

mojacar 1454847786

Hi All,  If you can come to Spain earlier than April I reckon you will get quite a lot of recce work done. During April things start to "hot-up" and you can easily get sucked into all the positive things that the south of Spain has to to offer.  You would get a better feel of any area during February.  I know you are not going to drop everything and travel just because I said so.  But, six weeks in the off season living in an area will answer hundreds of your questions that you would not even think of asking in say May.

For years I have urged possible immigrants to rent instead of buying.  But, there has been a change in the economic situation in Spain (picking up to slow pace from glacial pace) and property prices have started to increase. The prices will never hit those of 8/10 years ago but the earlier you come the earlier your mind will be at ease.

Your 20 year old will want work.  It would be stupid of you not to factor in his needs.  Again it is the off season that will supply the answers here. Best of Luck.

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