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We are visiting the Almeria region on the 6th March to begin our search for a property to live in rather than a holiday home.  Don't know the area particularly well so has anybody got some advice on where to look.  Doesn't need to be on the coast but somewhere with nice views and a friendly community.  Also advice on good estate agents, solicitors etc. would be very welcome plus any other useful contacts.. David

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We used Price-Brown Partnership and I hear Indasol are good too. Both are in Mojacar Playa.

I don't know how much you know Costa Almeria generally or any of the areas within.  My only advice to you:- If you like any area, move into it and rent for about six weeks off season. Use the time to experience, eat, know, drink, walk, talk the area.  For one thing, at least, you will know if Spain is for you during this time. Look for reasons for which you would not like a particular area as against looking for reasons you would like. 

Where to buy ?(the six million dollar question) - Answer:- Look in the mirror and you will see the main person who can help here.

We don't know if you are retired and/or looking for work.  We don't know if there are children cominng with you.  We don't know if you will have a car available.  Do you wish to rent your property when you are not using it? We don't know if you need an airport nearby for your use etc.

Best of Luck to you and do not believe everything you hear.


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Thanks for the reply.  Some good advice!  We are both retired and no children coming with us (bliss!).  We have a car which we will take to Spain with us but for the time being will be renting.  Easy access to an airport would be a help to.

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