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Someone said a new British supermarket has opened inn Albox. Where is it??

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pammy70 1349521351

It's Jackie from pricebusters that has opened it, but I am not sure where sorry.

teadrinker-367679 1349523232

would also be interested to know where.

briandsue 1349633271

Its next door to Bar Lepanto.

Olulagirl 1349633376

Which one is Bar Lepanto??

briandsue 1349633489

Its the bar just up from Rumores on the same side as Total Entertainment on Avenida Lepanto. 

jonnynew 1349796846

I have been good selection, i normally go to price buster but they seem to charge the same prices.

briandsue 1349981482

It's called Sol Supermarcado, and yes it does have a good selection there. They are also compiling a list of things that people ask for that they do not already have in stock ready for the next order. Great service with a smile :)

johnarbuthnot 1350928996

The engligh super markets are now open on a Sunday.

loislane-368610 1350929059

They are now open on a sunday, thank god. Price busters is open all day sunday i think.

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