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Has anyone seen the Sol Times today, I cant seem to get hold of a copy??

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daved-368090 1352909349

I havent seen any either.....strange? I will ask at Total Entertainment, I am going over there in a few mins, she will know.

hotgossip-367698 1352910449

No sure why but there have been none delivered today?

Olulagirl 1352910552

They will be around tomorrow. They could not be distributed today due to the General Strike!

rosewood-368931 1352912032

do sol times have a website?

roobarb-367764 1353147296

cathy-367329 1353521075

Hi, there was a general strike, but have seen the website and the free online uk tv its fab.

maisy-367461 1353521135

Why have they changed the sol times site?

cathy-367329 1353521413

Yes, its still soltimes address, watched eastenders last night.

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