Recent floods affecting Vera.

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We are hoping to arrange a long term let in the Vera region in the next couple of months. Would someone please be able to update me as to whether the flood damage has badly affected the city and environs. Many thanks in advance Mary

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From things people have told me and from what I have seen, most of the area isn't too bad. I went to Garrucha and Mojacar yesterday and it was all fine. Almeria city is miles away from Vera, I havent heard anything about there. 

Grandma Mary 1349341379

Many thanks AliG.

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The Town of Vera itself was not that badly affected but the area around Vera Beach Club, Las Buganvillas and Pueblo Laguna was totally devastated.

Grandma Mary 1349718349

Many thanks for the info MHL. We will be staying in Vera so hopefully all will be good by the time we arrive in January.


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