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Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a video capture device in Almeria that will allow me to download videos from my Sony Digital handycam mini DV mini cassette camcorder into a computer running W 7 which is a 64 bit system? I can copy on to VHS but wish to download direct to computer. All products for purchase of the video capture classification type on the internet appear to  be only available  by mail order from USA which I wish to avoid if possible.  Also, many will only operate when the video camera is linked to a 32 bit system computer! Any help will be appreciated. Gordon Maddock Estudio Campana  and      


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When I lived in the Uk always used pinnacle products, used to be cheap and eay to use....

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Thanks Sarah,

I have looked at your suggestion, but it doesn't appear that they have a video transfer device or video capture device.


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