Weather warning

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Hi all. I am sure I dont have to tell you the weather is awful, but apparently it is going to get worse! 


susanf-367636 1348846003

I am near Cucador and we are totally flooded. The roads are blocked and we have heard the bridge is on the verge of collapse! 

diymick 1348846179

It is bad in Huercal Overa as well. After watiting for rain for this long, I wasnt expecting to get it all in one day!

kylexy 1348859168

A friend in Murcia has just posted on Facebook about rock-falls caused by the rain-fall there. I think it is a good idea to stay home and keep safe tonight folks!

kateyloulou 1348927867

Wishing for some sun for you all to burn away some of the water. Hope you are all keeping safe. K

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