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Hi, finally found some land to buy, but was lookin at having a small log cabin built,is there any body in Spain that supplys these please please please....


freddy-367375 1347559266


I am not positive bt you can try Carmonas they have a few warehouses, tyr Olula del Rio.


Olulagirl 1347719739

Thanks. We had a look but they werent really what we were looking for, they were more like metal sheds.

Emi79 1347719864

Yes thanks Freddy. Like mum said they werent quite right. Do you know of any places that do perhaps mobile homes that we could have transported?

hotgossip-367698 1347719950

I have heard of a place called Cherrybar that sell mobile homes....not sure if you have to have a mobile home on their own land though?

Juanida 1347790647

You could try looking at casasdemadera-siglo21.com.  They are at Crevillente in Alicante before you get to the airport, but deliver all over Spain.  You casn see some examples on their web-page, but they´ll manufacture to your requirement if necessary.

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