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Hi, My friend is looking at moving here in the next couple of months does anyone know of any rental properties in the Olula del Rio area, that may be suitable for two adults and two children, please post thanks.

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Alright, I am looking for painting works in the Almeria area, my friend has said about this Paramount park has anyone got any contact details for them. cheers.

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Hi all, I am looking to retire to Spain and have found several properties I like in the Albox area, however I have heard stories of flies being a real problem in the area, I would appreciate any info., on living in the region, and particularly how much of a pain the flies really are? Many thanks Tony

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Does anyone know if the fires are all out over towards Mojacar and Antas?

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Does anyone know what to write in a get well card for a spanish person? One of my elderly neighbours has had a fall and broken her hip, and i want her to know we are thinking of her.

started by: frank94 · last update: 1345659607 · posted: 1345659607

We have been back in the UK for a few weeks and are just looking at flights back. what is going on with Almeria airport, there are very few flights available??

started by: babyblue-367323 · last update: 1345576521 · posted: 1345145392

Has any one noticed small flies, virtually the same as house flies that bite? I have just been bitten by one, but it looked like a normal housefly?

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I am looking to buy an appartement in Spain somewhere between Valencia south including the Almeria area. I am doing research of the areas to buy and I wondered if anyone had any lifesaving tips before I leap into the unknown. The appartement will be for holidays when it's not rented. I will have a modest budget. I've bought and sold properties in my own country but never outside. Should I use a spanish agent who speaks english or an english speaking one? Are the prices advertised for real or are they really negotiable? Any help I would be very grateful.

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Hi, Can anyone give me any information on the Huercal Overa area, particularly around Las Norias. We have seen a really nice place to buy around there but are worried about flies and the pig farms. Any other info would be welcome. Thanks Sue

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Does anyone know if the car boot at Albox is on tomorrow?

started by: Olulagirl · last update: 1344102932 · posted: 1343309510

Would my grandaughter be able to fly from the UK to Spain, on a one way flight if her passport runs out September 3rd? She is 9 years old.

started by: aliG-367759 · last update: 1343337862 · posted: 1342640473

I have lots of garden rubbish but apparently you aren't allowed to light a fire at this time of year....is that correct?

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Anyone living near Albox may be interested in the auction this Sunday 24th May, doors open 9am. Auction starts 10:30, A & A Auctions just by the turnoff of the E15 motorway. Cars, furniture, antiques, household and garden. Tel: 600 007 175.

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Is there a Spanish organisation & website like the British Companies House. I’m trying to find details about an SL, annual turnover, the Directors, ceo etc. Surely all this is in the Public domain

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Hi, has anyone seen a flyer for a Bricomart opening in Vera??

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I had noticed the ads on here for Mas Movil and wondered if anyone has actually used them?

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Check beds and shoes for centipedes! I have found 5 in the house in the past week and one bit me in bed last night....pain! I have never felt anything like it, it actually punctured by back...OUCH!

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Hi Everyone We are thinking of buying a place in Almeria to holiday both in summer and winter. I was wondering what the weather is really like in Almeria during the winter from people actually living there? The estate agents and websites tell you there is 330 days of sunshine and winter temperature of 19 degress but after lving in Cyprus I know this might not be the case as winter temps in Cyprus were 11 degress in the day sometimes and fell to 0 degrees in the day and the apartments were freezing cold with many wet and cloudy days. I would really appreciate first hand accounts of the real Almeria weather. Thanks in advance Ryan.

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Does anyone know of a music teacher in the Almanzora area?

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Hi, - sorry to bring back the subject but does anyone up there know of any developments being made on the POT situation in Oria. What if anything has the townhall done about it so far? Many thanks for any help however trivial.

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