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Just checked the temperature on the patio and it is 45deg in the shade....can anyone beat that?

started by: Olulagirl · last update: 1341221989 · posted: 1341043499

I bought a fab dress yesterday from the new dress agency that has opened in Albox opposite Pricebusters. If any of you ladies are looking for something different, it is well worth a visit, they have a really nice selection of good quality clothes at good prices.

started by: cathy-367329 · last update: 1339613742 · posted: 1339574413

Just wondering if anyone spotted that fire last night? It looked as if it was over Olula way?

started by: grannysmith-367313 · last update: 1339514227 · posted: 1339097432

I was in Albox at a friends this morning and we are sure we felt an earthquake. we were sat in her lounge and there was a bang and the light fitting wobbled. Did anyone else feel it? how can you find out if there was one??

started by: Bryan-369053 · last update: 1338919186 · posted: 1338842909

Hiya folks...I have JUST discovered 'ANGLOINFO', and it looks terrific and it would be brill to re-connect with all my old pals down there. I am Bryan S, (formally of Leo's in Almerimar and The Miner's Arms and M25 in Roquetas). I would be SO happy if I could speak to anyone who may know me and remember me, Christine, Maria, Lesley and John, Mags and Ivan, Lou, Norman & Sue, Gary in the caff and all the gang at Gilbert's, (I wish I were there now!!, I'm starving, are your windows clean?). If you recognise yourself, PLEASE PLEASE drop me a line at: bstobytwirl04@gmail.com and I will reply asap. THANK YOU to AngloInfo for giving me the opportunity of getting in touch, Fondest regards to all, Bryan S (##44 1302 789 846).

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Hi everyone, I need to get to Murcia airport on Thursday 5 July for @ 10.30 - 11.00am, from Zurgena area.If anyone is going in that direction and could please give me a lift that would be great. I am happy to pay my share of the costs.ThanksCat

started by: nookie 501-368988 · last update: 1337892059 · posted: 1335623109

Hello all, we are considering retiring to Almeria and some of the properties we like have solar/wind/generator power supplies, can anyone please let us know what it is like to live with these systems day to day. Many thanks, Tony.

started by: Susisoo · last update: 1337867973 · posted: 1337446603

Hi Forumposters, Just wondering what effect there is on life in general due to the current economic situation. Are the Spanish people (who we've always found in the past to be nothing but friendly & helpful) resentful of seeing what may look like affluent foreigners (by maybe taking advantage of the cheap properties at the moment) in their country? We read in the UK about severe unemployment and would like opinions on any changes this might have. Are there any areas in particular that have become deserted through foreigners leaving? All comments/opinions will be welcome. Thanks, susisoo.

started by: Susanne 753 · last update: 1337019238 · posted: 1337012597

Hi, Shortly buying a property in Almeria and would like to buy some of the furniture/mirrors etc as antiques. Does anyone reccomend any auctions or shops where I can pick up either furniture or architectural salvage stuff? Would really appreciate any thoughts. Kind regards Susanne

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Having broken a bone in my foot, I am now stuck in the house. I thought I might have a go at building a family website to keep me busy. I can see a few free site building sites and just wondered if anyone had tried them and could recommend one that is easy to use?

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Is today a Bank Holiday???

started by: grannysmith-367313 · last update: 1335343241 · posted: 1334911487

Can anyone recommend a good site to try to find cheap flights? People are always saying they find cheap ones and I never can.

started by: sunsearchers-368770 · last update: 1335225490 · posted: 1334058527

Morning everyone.We are considering relocating from France to The Almeria region. Specifically around Mojacar.In your opinion What is the Best OR Worst about living in this area.We have visited this area quite a bit ,but realise that living here is different to holidaying here.Many thanks in advance for all your opinions.Sunsearchers.

started by: Joost-368948 · last update: 1335105887 · posted: 1334076841

I read a lot about the annoying fly problem that seems to affect the lives of many people living in Almeria. Some people even can't seem to enjoy living outside their homes any more because otherwise they will be eaten by flies and mosquito's. Almerimar seems to be a living nightmare but I read about people all over Almeria complaining about this nuisance. It seems to get worse over the years and the expanding agriculture (plasticulture) would be the one to blame. My question is if there are area's where the problem is worse and if there are area's where one can lead a normal outside life? After all that's why I would like to relocate to Spain. Thank you.

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Does anyone know if there is a bus service in Mojacar?

started by: teadrinker-367679 · last update: 1333532807 · posted: 1333440483

Can anyone tell me whether it is correct that Thursday, Friday and Monday are all red days? Will any of the shops be open or should I stock up for the weekend?

started by: Susisoo · last update: 1332877561 · posted: 1330284996

Hi, As a newbie to the Forum I hope I'm posting in the right place! Having lived in the Malaga province around 11 years ago & visited Almeria around 2007 we are looking to move to Almeria permanently. We realise that a lot of things have changed in Spain since we were there last and wondered if there's anything major we should be aware of. For instance, are Brits still welcome & are there any areas particularly noted as problem places. If anyone has advice - good, bad or general we'd love to hear it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

started by: frank94 · last update: 1332444982 · posted: 1332315685

I have just tried to open something and it has got into my hotmail account and sent emails to everyone in my address book. I am not sure what to do? Can anyone help. Do I need to change my password?

started by: mel-367315 · last update: 1331834179 · posted: 1331798507

A couple of days a go, I booked a flight to go back to the UK for a few days. the payment still hasnt been taken but the flight looks booked. Has anyone else found a delay or is there a chance it might not be booked?

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Does anyone know the best way to copyright photos in Spain? Is there a certain body that you need to register with?

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