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Does anyone know the best way to copyright photos in Spain? Is there a certain body that you need to register with?

started by: teadrinker-367679 · last update: 1329480228 · posted: 1296166007

my friends are planning a visit in spring, and they love visiting supposedly haunted places, so...does anyone know of anywhere with a spooky tale to tell? don't mind travelling about a bit if there is something interesting to see ;)

started by: Olulagirl · last update: 1329393368 · posted: 1328605988

Was watching most haunted last night and they were using dowsing rods.....can you buy these are do you just use any old stick?

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Just wondered if anyone has made the move from France to Spain.If so do you find it better?

started by: sunsearchers-368770 · last update: 1328007543 · posted: 1327849278

Afternoon everyone.We're staying in the almeria region for 3 months and need to keep in touch with family back home.Can anyone recommend a mobile operator and where we can either purchase a sim card or cheap phone..Appreciate all your help.the sunsearchers.

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Just seen a car covered in snow and it has just started here in Olula del Rio.....are we very high? Is it snowing elsewhere?

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Does anyone know what the huge structure being built near the Consetino marble factory is? Its near Fines and it is huge!

started by: garyg-367459 · last update: 1325705248 · posted: 1325621645

A mate of mine owns a shop which needs a lick of paint. He doesn't want to have to close whilst it is done as that would cost a fortune. Does anyone know if there is anyone around that would do it out of hours (so to speak)?

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Has anyone got a winner?

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Hi > as a responsible adult I'm planning on a good anything-goes New Year's party (noche vieya) and was wondering whether anyone knows of an effective hangover remedy. Last year's took me a whole week off work and wouldn't like a repetition... Much obliged adn a healthy and merry New Year to you all.

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Does anyone want to park their caravan or motorhome at our home nr Los Gallardos in exchange for feeding our 2 friendly dogs and cats whilst we are in the UK long term. We have an enclosed garden of 2.5 acres. Lovely views and very private.e mail rjh6848@yahoo.co.uk

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Hi, Does anyone live in El Cucador, or been there. I am likely to be renting a house there for 1 year and although it is on Google earth there isn't much information anywhere.I understand it is near Zurgena and Alfoquia. Any information on how far it is from these two villages or about the "village/hamlet" would be greatly appreciatedThanksCat

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Has anyone seen decent sized fresh trees for sale anywhere....Albox area preferably!

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I am trying to translate the following phrase and it doesnt make sense....its on a Spanish Christmas menu....can anyone help with the correct translation please? Jamoncitos de pavo a la montanesa

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I work in a mainly spanish office and was just wondering if anyone knew if it is like the UK where everyone gives cards to each other at xmas? Don't want to waste my money buying a pack if they dont bother with that here!

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I seem to be having trouble with my computer. I normally use AVG free edition and am wondering what other people use. Can anyone recommend one based on effectiveness and price?

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Hi, We plan to relocate to the Almeria region next March?April and rather than transport out 2 dogs and 2 cats by road we will fly them out and we will fly with them. However we have a few possession that we want to transport over to Spain, our TV, some kitchen stuff, clothes etc. Can anyone recommend a good and cost effective way of doing this, any good companies, or does anyone know anyone with a van who does regular trips form UK to Spain, who may be able to help. Thanks Also, has anyone flown their pets to Almeria?What happens at that end? Is there any charrge to clear customs? Anything we need to know before we arrive?Many thanksCat

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I have just bought a new keyboard but a lot of the keys are now in the wrong place. how do I change it to Spanish....cant even find a question mark

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We are moving to Spain on the 15th January and have now arranged for a professional Removal Company to deliver our belongings from the UK on this date. Would anyone interested in sharing the costs by taking the opportunity of using this company on the return to the UK please email me. Thanks Peter

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Hello Where is the best place to buy a large garden shed, 3metres X 4 metres, wooden? living in Adra

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