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ACTIN, in collaboration with San Animal and Cruz Azul have announced the National Animal Welfare Conference to be held in Los Alcázares, Murcia on 16th-18th October 2015. It is believed to be the first of its kind and will bring together leaders in all aspects of the field as well as people already running rescues and sanctuaries, and those wishing to learn how best to help at all levels and in all sorts of ways. “Our mission is to bring together as many people as we can who are involved in animal welfare in Spain, to encourage co-operation and exchange of ideas” said Lyn Baines, Conference Manager. “We will be launching the PAES Project at the conference and we have some exceptional speakers on various topics.” Please see the website for more details and pass this on to anyone who you think may be interested. Registration donations are low to ensure that the event is open to as many people as possible. Are you troubled by the state of animal welfare in this country? This is your great chance to get involved and to help make a difference. You are not alone! http://www.proteccionanimales.es/paes-events/national-animal-welfare-conference-oct-2015/  

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http://www.actin-spain.com/dogs-locked-in-a-container/  A small charity is trying to rescue a number of hunting dogs locked in a metal container somewhere near Valencia.  It's amazing they are still alive, the temperature touched 44 last week.   Please help by signing the petition and passing on to everyone you can think of who would sign too (actually, who wouldn't?)   http://www.thepetitionsite.com/958/431/466/free-the-hunting-dogs-locked-in-a-metal-container-in-the-spanish-heat/   Thank you so much.

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I'm try to find out if my step father is still alive. Last spoke with early December last year on his mobile, he has no main telephone. Have been trying to contact him for the past two months, sent a letter, but have had no reply, I'm feel the worst. His name is Chris Green He is/was an English builder, lives in:- Los Blancos, Chirivel, No 04825, Almeria. My name is Neil Elsom If someone does know anything about Chris, please could you be so kind to post it to this thread, Just so I know    Many Thanks Neil

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Looking for tips for picturesque spots where we could take some wedding photos? Anyone know of any nice parks or public gardens?

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Does anyone know when the shops will be ope/closed during easter week?

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Hoping to go to some different village fiestas this year - what is special about the fiestas in your area?

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ICan anyone produce a solution for this problem?  I recently bought a king-size All Seasons Duvet from Amazon and am having problems with it getting all twisted and jumbled up in it´s cover after a few days of sleeping with the two attached.  The fact that it hasjust 4 strong, embedded popper fasteners in each corner is the reason why it does this because my neighbour bought one in England from Dunelm Mill (who don´t deliver here) and it has plenty of popper fasteners, although the general rule is that most makes only seem to put one on each corner.  This would be fine if it was just a single quilt when there is less moving about of course.  I am sick of having to sort out my quilt every 3 days.

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Don't know about anyone else but I'm fed up of winter, it seems to have been going on forever. Cold, rain, wind...yuck. Anyone else feeling the winter blues? How do you get yourself out of it?

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Does anyone know where I can buy Seville oranges to make my marmalade please.  It's the season, I just haven't seen any about.

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I have a couple of Xmas cards to send within spain, if I send them tomorrow will they get there in time?

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Whoa, more changes on AngloINFO? You guys have been busy? Yes! Hot on the heels of AngloINFO Jobs, we’re launching another new section which is critical to expat life – AngloINFO Jobs. We’re testing it out on French Riviera at the moment, and will make a big announcement once we’ve ironed out any bugs that we come across and are ready to roll it out to the rest of the AngloINFO world. In the meantime, feel free to look around and use it, and if you come across any issues, just let us know.   What is AngloINFO Jobs and what can it do for me? AngloINFO Jobs is the name of the new jobs, careers and recruitment section on AngloINFO. Here, you can search through hundreds of thousands of job vacancies to find the one that’s perfect for you, wherever in the world you are (or want to be!). You can access the new AngloINFO Jobs section from anywhere on AngloINFO by clicking on “Jobs” in the top navigation bar.   If you’re an active job seeker, or interested in browsing vacancies in case that dream job shows up, AngloINFO Jobs has some great functionality to help you find relevant jobs. Register on AngloINFO Jobs and you can: search hundreds of thousands of vacancies – in your local area and around the world upload your CV so recruiters and headhunters can find you sign up for job alert emails so you never miss out create an online profile connect AngloINFO Jobs to your LinkedIn profile search for opportunities by location, industry or contract type If you’re an employer or a recruiter, AngloINFO Jobs is the place to advertise your vacancies. Not only will your job be advertised to candidates already living in your local area, but it will also be seen across the entire AngloINFO network whenever a job hunter’s search matches your job. This ensures that you get the maximum exposure for your job ad and a better chance of finding the perfect candidate.   I’m looking for a job. What’s the best way for me to use AngloINFO Jobs? There are a number of ways in which AngloINFO Jobs can help you find the perfect job in your dream location. Start by using the job search on the AngloINFO Jobs landing page. You can search by Job Title or Location, or you by Sector using the Advanced Search List of Categories. Once you’ve done a search, save it! Enter a title for the search you’ve just done and your email address, and we’ll let you know every time a new job matching your search criteria is added. That way you can be sure you never miss out on a job for which you’d be perfect. Click on “Upload CV” in the top menu bar to create an account and upload your CV. Once your CV is online, recruiters and headhunters can find and contact you with opportunities that they think you’d be suited to.   I’m looking for someone to fill a vacancy. What’s the best way for me to use AngloINFO Jobs? If you have a job to advertise, then AngloINFO Jobs is the best place to find the right candidates. Not only will your job vacancy be shown on all AngloINFO sites whenever someone searches for criteria matching your job, but as a job advertiser you’ll also be able to view the CVs of candidates in our database who match your requirements. So you can actively seek the perfect person.   Why can’t I add new posts to the Jobs Wanted and Jobs Offered Classifieds categories? The new AngloINFO Jobs section offers many more features to help you actively find or advertise jobs. Over the next few weeks we’ll phase out jobs from the Classifieds altogether, so we’ve switched off the option to add new ones. We hope that you’ll advertise your job via AngloINFO Jobs so that you can see the results for yourself. I have paid for a Featured Classified in one of the jobs categories. What will happen to my ad? If you have a live Featured Classified in one of the jobs categories, it will still show in whichever category you paid for it to appear in. If your ad is still live when we switch off the jobs classifieds, we’ll migrate you over to the new AngloINFO Jobs section – but don’t worry, we’ll email you in advance to let you know what will happen. If you’d rather move your job ad to the new AngloINFO Jobs section now, just contact us and we’ll be happy to help.   What will happen to existing basic job Classifieds? We hope that people with basic job Classifieds will decide to advertise their properties in the new AngloINFO Jobs section so that they can take advantage of the powerful new features. Eventually, existing basic ads will disappear when we switch off the jobs sections of the Classifieds but we’ll email everyone in advance to let them know what to expect.

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Hi there, Will be trying out dongle for short term,but looking for better package long term. Any views on moviestar package (broardband,english TV) Thanks

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Hi there, Any info on use of dongles in Roqutas de mar.Where to buy,cost,coverage. Thanks 

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Hello Everyone, I have been in Spain for a couple of months on a house-sitting assignment and have been really saddened to see a number of presumably abandoned dogs wandering about, some in a terrible state. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what to do in this circumstance? As I am house-sitting I am not in a position to take dogs in unfortunately. On a broader level than the plight of individual dogs, I have found a website: www.esdaw.eu which looks at this problem in depth and is aiming to do something about it. The site is well worth a good read to understand the true extent of the problem across Europe. It also has an action section, with petitons to sign. In addition there is a link to MEPs. I wrote to every Spanish MEP yesterday by e-mail.  There are 53 of them and it only took a couple of hours. Several have replied already and I hope and believe that it we bring this matter to their attention in numbers, we will bring about change. Please pass this on to anyone who you think may wish to participate. 'Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.' (Alfred A. Montapert) Only the actions of individuals can bring about change. Thank you.

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Hi All, If anybody out there is on Facebook, you can join this on-line virtual march. It is easy to do, no petition to sign, no donation required. Just a show of solidarity that declares it is time for the brutality against Spain's hunting dogs to stop. https://www.facebook.com/events/880217401997319  

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I have heard about quite a lot of big films being filmed in Spain, particularly the Almeria area and wondered if anyone knew about getting work as an extra. Does anyone have any contacts?

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Are you as concerned as I am about the plastic rubbish, including the ubiquitous plastic water bottles, that we see everywhere?  If so, join the global campaign to do something about it! If everybody does a little, a lot will be achieved.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/656/074/365/pledge-to-clean-up-some-plastic-rubbish-every-day/ Thank you.

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HI I'm going to be in Almeria from December until April.  I have a 20 kg luggage allowance.  What should I pack?  or not? Carol

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Had some great sightings of meterorites last night, anyone else spot them? and does anyone know when the next meteorite shower will be?

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Hi everyone, my partner and I are looking into the benefits of moving to Spain in the next yr or so.   We currently live in rural France and have done so for the last 10yrs.  Obviously weather is a big part, but we are trying to find out about living costs...water, electricity. property taxes, food etc.   We know we will have to pay for private health care as we  doubt we will find work at our age, (52 and 59) but then again, never say never!  Another big question is whether the 'old age' illness screening is free (mamograms, colon cancer test etc)  here in France, when you reach 50 they are free and you get notified every two yrs for the check ups,  so we were wondering if the same in Spain.  We have been advised it is best to rent rather than buy and get a feel for different areas, again, if anyone has recommendations on areas which have a good mix of Spanish and British residents with bars and restaurants etc, much appreciated.    A long list of question which have no doubt been asked by many before us, but any help and advice would be appreciated.  It goes without question we will learn the language, whether it will be to the level we have reached with the french language will remain to be seen, but we will give it a good go!  Many thanks in advance

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