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I am currently living in Soutgh West France and apart from the terrible weather (it  basically has not stopped raining here for the past 6 months) , we made the mistake of buying a house close to a goat farm. I have just spent the past two weeks house hunting in Almeria, as we want to escape the weather here and Almeria seems like as good a place as any. Some friends of ours already living in the area have warned us off of buying anywhere near a pig farm  because of the smell and the flies that are attracted. However, I notice that many of the properties boast fly free areas. How big a problem are flies in the summer and is their presence largely restricted to property close to farms are are they  a nuisance everyywhere. Other people's thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.    

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Can anyone tell me if ceramic frying pans are any good or are they just another gimic?  Most importantly, does the coating last?  How do they compare to teflon for instance?

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i am traveling down to Spain soon and would like to 'unlock' my new mobile phone. is there anywhere near Almeria where i can do this????? can't do it in France many thanks Pam

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We currently live in rural France (Charente area) and find that what we do not like about the place (apart from the weather!) is that it is all a bit of a cultural desert even when it comes to finding ANYWHERE at all that is open for an evening meal or even a mid afternoon cup of coffee. We are considering a move to spain and the area around Almeria.  Typically in France restaurants are virtually never open in the evening and  you can travel for miles in a search to find ANYWHERE prepared to serve you anything to eat apart from etween 12 Noon and 2pm for a set lunch (and woe betide anyone who has the audacity to arrive at any restuarant or cafe at 2.01pm). Very, very few restaurants ever open in the evening, NEVER open on a Sunday or a Monday and maintain a strict policy of turning anyone away at the door whenever they feel like it (normally at any time vaguely approaching 2pm. Even the strict 12 Noon to 2pm does not always work, as some days they simply do not bother to open at all! Oh and I nearly forgot, July and August when there might be a few tourists around and for restaurants to have the chance to earn an extra buck,  is the time when most owners take their own holidays Quite how the proprietor of any eaterie in a small town in France earns a living reamins a mystery. Apart from that we find that the standard of food pretty poor and "ambiance" is something which is entirely unheard off.  Most palces are like stepping back into the 1950s with decor which invariably dates from that period. We would be interested in hearing from Ex-pats living in the Almeria area as to there views on what the area has to offer. We are not looking for gourmet eating just a places where you can enhoy a reasonably priced meal in the evening and places where you can turn up and have a reasonable chance of actually finding them open for business.        

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One of my friends is getting married in UK, but wants to have a small party here and she has asked for help with organising it. She really wants to do this thing where they release butterflies, has anyone any idea at all about this being possible? Are there companies that arrange it all?

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Hi all, have just had an offer accepted on a house just outside Velez-Rubio, and now I'm beginning to wonder if it's the right thing!Keep finding horror stories on the internet about millions of flies and pig fams in the area?So I guess my question is...is the fly problem as bad as I keep reading, is it practically impossible to eat outside...everywhere, or just in certain areas? If it is in certain areas would Velez-Rubio be a bad one? It's fairly high up so I figured it wouldn't be so bad?Hope I can get some good advice....before I sign on the dotted line :-) 

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can anyone recommend a b&b or nice hotel, close to the sea or in the mountains  and peaceful?

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Hi, I am new to this site and would really appreciate your feedback on a possible future move to Spain, we lived in Cyprus and loved it but sold our business and moved back to the UK when to recession started, we have just returned from holiday there but do not think we can find the type of home we would like and we have talked about looking in Spain in the Almeria region as we would like the sunniest area and a house with a large garden or preferably around an 1/2 - 1 acre so we could grow veg and have chickens etc. This move would be for our retirement in about 5 years with luck but we need to start holiday ing in the area to look at the villages and work out if its right for us and our 2 dogs, we might rent to start with to make sure but need a starting block and this is where we would love your input on b&b accommodation and villages to look at, we hope Spain is as lovely as we remember  even though times are tough at the moment,we would welcome your input, thank you in advance for your help.

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The next Indalo H3 hash will be in Los Gallardos, on Sunday 12th January, meet at bar Apolo 11am.   As always, there will be two routes, one for the walkers, and one for those that think they’re more energetic.   For directions, or more information about this, or any hashing matters, PM me or e-mail indaloh3@gmail.com or see our website www.indaloh3.com   And remember, if you’ve ever had half a mind to go hashing, that’s all you need!!!   OnOn IH3 Mismanagement

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We are spending 3 months in the Huercal Overa area and my husband is looking for any fellow musicians to accompany him on the violin whilst we are here.   Pianists, violinists,  etc.  who would like to spend a few hours together enjoying music.  Classical,  folk,  gypsy, etc. would be great.

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Has everyone seen the Christmas lottery ad... better than last years or not? what do you think?

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Has anyone seen any nice wrapping paper for sale (preferably recycled paper...) ? Where?

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Just had a strange phone call to my landline - picked up and there was just music playing - no one there... anyone know what thats all about?

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I know Christmas is ages away! But at this time of year I usually start buying in a few extras with my weekly grocery shop, to put by for Christmas, which helps to keep the costs down for december.  I am sure there are probably other people out there that do this, so I thought we could all share any good deals that we see on this thread and help each other save money! Who is in?!

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Hi has anyone got any packing boxes?? I need them for moving house

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Hi. I have a medium sized box to be colleted from Mojacar to go to St Albans. Box size 40cm x 70cm x 90cm Weight 30kg. Contents, 1 fold up bike. I need someone to collect it last week in November 23rd  to 30th and deliver some time a week or 2 later.   CAN YOU HELP?    

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I have been quoted 200euros-450euros for this certificate in Spain,I had my property in the UK done last week,it was £40, is this another Spanish con??

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Hi all We are a professional couple reaching the end of our working lives and living in the south of  France and now wish to purchase a 2 bed apartment in the Almeria area. We need to be by the water, are there any areas that we should avoid? And importantly any areas that are 'Prime'any information will be gratefully received many thanks Philp

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how do i get the spanish n using an english keyboard?

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Hi, I am a long term contributor to AI in France where we have a second home. The winters there are not much better than they are in Wales where we have a smallholding and business. We are just retiring. We want to rent in this area for November to March and then possibly selling France and moving to Spain.    We have seen properties to rent from 200 euros per month which is very good, our needs are simple but we would like a TV. I don't want to be completely inactive and I do understand the job situation is dire but I wouldn't mind being able to do a bit of fiddling as I have completely built my own houses and am quite expert in plumbing, woodburners and chimneys, I fixed up a friend's house in Tenerife 2 years ago. Any advice would be appreciated

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