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It really was warm yesterday and I was very silly indeed. I was busy getting the garden ready for a family visit and did not renew my sun protection cream. Result sunburn. Can anyone recommend some thing to sooth my poor skin. shoulders and neck are worse.

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Just wondered if there are any angloinfo users who live in Almerimar and if so what they think of the area? we are thinking of purchasing there.

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Can someone give me details on the airport please. I am due to collect family from there next month! I live in the Costa del Sol so its not ideal but they found a bargain flight so who am I to argue !! Need to know where it is, where I park, and anything else that would be helpful...

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I know that folk have purchased properties in the past less than the asking price, then paid in cash for part of the sale to help keep the taxes for the vendor lower. I also believe that this is now being well and truly frowned upon, anyone else heard anything recently.

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what's the best pizzeria in granada???

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We have a friend who has just bought a village house in this area and wondered if anyone lived near there and give us some insight. Thank you

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Asked the barman to mix me a cocktail that was a bit different The Almeria 2 oz Dark Rum 1 oz Kahlua 1 egg white Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass Superb, give it a try .

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When we were looking to buy in this area we were assured that all the major players would be flying in and out of Almeria from the local UK airports, this still isn´t happening which is a real pain. Does anyone have any good news about this routing? Will they be adding more routes from the UK? I hope so..... Bouquet

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Anyone got a number for me, needs to be a late pick up. cheers

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does somebody have a good, traditional gazpacho recipe? thank you :)

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what's the best shopping centre in Almeria? my friends are visiting and i want to impress them ;-))) ta! favy

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Can anyone confirm that taking B6 may keep the mossies at bay?

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The usual conversation took place this morning about flies being such a pest a meal times and I believe that at the local ferretarias you can purchase a contraption that has elephant dung in, it looks like dried grass, which you wet and it attracts the flies into a bag they cant get out of. Its worth a try, anyone else heard of this or used it?

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We have just purchased an apartment which overlooks a natural park here there are waterways. It suddenly dawned on me we may be plagued by the dreaded mossies. Does anyone else live near this sort of area and if so what is the situ? TA Bouquet

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Just about to plant my new garden, what could I put in to keep away as many flying things as possible! Bouquet

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Just read that we can expect lots of Jelly Fish around this summer, anyone got any tips if we are unfortunate enough to be stung? Bouquet

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Does anyone have the details for this group please?

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Already now the summer is definately here I have heard several stories of properties being broken into. We are all leaving our windows and doors open, and I think we all become a little complacent as time goes on. So a word of warning, be vigilant!

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Has anyone tried the free internet provider, Go nuts for free. Is it Dial Up or ADSL. Is it reliable?

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How often do the buses run from Almeria City to the Almeria airport, any info welcome.

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