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can anyone tell me  re the above, why everyone seems to go on about the elgal paperwork for villas ,especially Albox ,Arboleas area, I love it there and am in the process of selling here in france to move down to Almeria or close by. Has anyone come across difficuties along these lines?  

started by: andy j brown · last update: 1378319200 · posted: 1378319200

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http://www.thelocal.es/20130527/spain-braces-itself-for-summer-that-never-was Just read the above article - forecasts are for the worst summer weather for nearly 200 years. 

started by: kylexy · last update: 1377191325 · posted: 1377032686

My girlfriend recently bought me some socks from this website : http://www.lemonadeattack.com/ I just thought I'd post about them on here because its a small Spanish business and the quality of the socks is really good, not like the rubbish sold on the street markets and in chinese shops. Good way to support the spanish economy and get yourself some comfortable, colourful socks at the same time!

started by: potnoodle · last update: 1375882450 · posted: 1375454587

Hi My partner and I are thinking of moving to the Almeria region.  He works offshore and is out of the country for more than 183 days a year, in the UK this means he does not pay tax on his earnings, does anyone know if the rules are similar in Spain?    

started by: rachal1084 · last update: 1375258582 · posted: 1374880232

Hi, me, my husband and 2 year old are moving to Almeria and hoping to open a little gift shop, but we are not sure of areas, obviously we are looking for somewhere with a thriving tourist trade but also somewhere to settle with a young child so a nice school is essential, if anyone can give us any suggestions regarding this we would be most grateful.  Thank you :)

started by: abuela · last update: 1374567339 · posted: 1374493119

does anyone have any info they can share regarding owning a small tractor in Spain, ie, what licences required, what paperwork needed, insurances.  We have seen one we are interested in, but the vendor says it does not have paperwork (at least he was honest!), so, is it easy to get paperwork?

started by: saffy-368127 · last update: 1372417976 · posted: 1372417976

Hi,can anyone recommend somewhere to buy granite worktops around the Vera, Garrucha Albox area.  

started by: Jenni-907699 · last update: 1369690890 · posted: 1369487176

Anyone know where i can find a shoe repair shop around Mojacar/Turre/Garrucha/Vera?? 

started by: Olulagirl · last update: 1369487292 · posted: 1366637140

Hello, Where is the nearest Primark store to Albox Almeria please.

started by: sean mahaffey · last update: 1368870920 · posted: 1368468136

Hi. Can anybody tell us  what is the procedure for renewing a british passport here in spain?

started by: pemaseely · last update: 1367930006 · posted: 1367930006

Hi, I'm holidaying in Garrucha and need to arrange transport to Murica airport on 5th June. Is anyone already travelling there and would like to go halves on the taxi let me know. I need to be at the airport between 2-4pm.    thanks 

started by: LHW01 · last update: 1367694746 · posted: 1367694746

Hi, Could anyone provide info on this area please.  I know that its close to Urcal which suffers from excessive flies and smells from the pig farms, so I would like to know if Las Norias has this problem also.   Any other general info on the area wolud be appreciated too Many Thanks    

started by: frank94 · last update: 1366636886 · posted: 1366132202

Hello, When is the medevil fair on in Olula Del Rio?

started by: susanf-367636 · last update: 1366131971 · posted: 1366131971

Hi Guys, Where is the nearest beach to Albox please. Thank you.

started by: RajTan-901359 · last update: 1366037958 · posted: 1366037958

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We are considering buying a property on the Huerta Neuva development at Los Gallardos but have heard of several serious issues that might affect our decision. Has anyone had problems living here, is anyone aware of potential problems with certain property owners/renters or the condition of the development as a whole? Many thanks

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1365754864 · posted: 1365416539

Does anyone know of a website which lets you search for postcodes for spain?

started by: cathy-367329 · last update: 1365593909 · posted: 1365531796

Hi, Is there any big craft fairs on in the area at the moment please.

started by: Olulagirl · last update: 1365531882 · posted: 1365531882

Need help going to the doctors please help, Post if you know anyone local. Many Thanks

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