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Does anyone know why Mercamundo has been closed over the past 3 days? There is no sign on the door to say when they will be open and no-one is answering the telephone?

started by: maisy-367461 · last update: 1364631051 · posted: 1364403462

Hi Guys, Is there any retreats in the almeria area?

started by: maisy-367461 · last update: 1364403994 · posted: 1364316967

Hello,  Looking for someone who makes childrens birthday cakes with fancy designs. Please post thankyou.

started by: Emi79 · last update: 1364369798 · posted: 1364317057

Hi All, Looking for some where local that sells jewellery findings any idea? Please post 

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Hello. I have a chum who will be  renting in  Spain for most of the year from the autumn, and is in the process of garnering details of suitable apartments or other accommodations. He would obviously like to see them before settling on one, so wishes to make an inspection visit. Rather than the expense and time of  ferry and drive all the way, he would prefer to fly over  from the UK and hire a car for a fortnight. The apartments he has been looking at are mostly in the Almeria  area, so would would appreciate any advice or information on hiring a car  in that area for a couple of weeks. He has a full licence and insurance on his car in the UK etc, but wonders if there may be an upper age-limit  for renting in Spain. He is a very active and  fully compos mentos  73. Any info on the cheapest way of hiring a car and suitable companies or general thoughts would be gratefully recieved. He is a well-travelled chap and has lived in several countries from Canada to Ireland, and is now looking forward to spending most of the year in sunny Spain and the 'summer' in the UK. Also any info on apartments or other properties  for rent would also be helpful. He lives simply and is on his own so is not looking for a posh villa! Thanks in anticipation

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Just been to Comercial Carmona in Olula and bought 30 red onion plantlets for just 1€. They have just got a new delivery in and are well worth buying.

started by: rosewood-368931 · last update: 1363678345 · posted: 1363332889

One of my spanish friends told me that is is his "saint's day" next week. Is it normal to take a present to someone on saint's day, like a birthday?  

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Can anyone recommend a good place for post boxes? The Correos ones are very expensive these days.

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Hello, Is there anyone who makes healing chains, please email asap. Many thanks

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Looking for Rubber Stamps please pm. Thanks

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My calender for this year doesn't have red days marked on it, can anyone tell me when they are please, for this month - or a website where I can get the info?

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looking for Charity shops in the Almeria or Albox area, could you please give me some names if there are any in the above areas. Thanks

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 I have lots of newspapers that I have collected and rather than throwing them away, I fancied making "something" out of them. I found this on the internet and thought someone might find it interesting. http://pinterest.com/jasmoon/papier-mache/

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Hi, Can any one tell me is there is someone who sells dog healing collars pleae. Thanks

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Hi, Could someine let me know if there is any Crystal workshops about please pm on here. Thanks.  

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can anyone help? are there any furniture storage units in the Almeria area as we are hoping we have sold our property in France and will be looking for some space as we will be looking for a villa in this area after the sale,

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Hi, Just bought a micro pig, cant find sow nuts has anyone got a clue. Pm please.

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Read a great book over the weekend about Marbella and the drug scene. Good read and funny, reminded me of my time down that way in some respects. Take a look, you may even know some of the people involved. I think I know the company talked about but the name has been changed (only slighty). It's called 'Get Clean' and here are the links... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Get-Clean-Addiction-decisions-ebook/dp/B00B8YSIMY/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1359716582&sr=1-1 or use http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B8YSIMY Laters, Beach boy.

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Hi all. I am exploring the possibility of opening a shop that will sell a range of things including paintings, soaps, candles and anything else that brings pleasure and peace into the home and garden. If you craft or know anyone that does and would like to put your articles into a shop, please get in touch. Thanks all x

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I just had to share with you all an amazing company which i have found and used they have just printed my 500 full colour flyers with amazing artwork for only €60. Very professional sevice Called newall prints on f/b. their contact is 634 388 243. 

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