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I just had to share with you all an amazing company which i have found and used they have just printed my 500 full colour flyers with amazing artwork for only €60. Very professional sevice Called newall prints on f/b. their contact is 634 388 243. 

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Hi, I am looking at opening a shop in Almeria Albox, anyone who would like to supply art work, jewellery or classic garden furiture, please contact me asap.

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Wondering if someone might be interested in a permanent property swap; our charming farmhouse near Cognac in Fance for a coastal property in Almeria?. The Cognac country house(125M2)  has 3 double bedrooms, a walled garden and a small barn/garage. It's currently used as a holiday rental, not our main house, but is equally suitable for full time residence; valued around 150K Euros.  We'd be interested in a property on or near the coast with a minimum of 2 bedrooms plus outdoor space. 

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we are thinking of having a weekend somewhere in almeria at the end of jan/beginning of feb...not decided where exactly (so we are open to suggestions) somewhere quiet, spanish in style, perhaps in the countryside or a tranquil village.....either a b&b or a hotel?

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Has anyone else got through many many light bulbs from the chinese shops over here? Mine seem to constantly blow??

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Does anyone know if you need a license to sea fish on the coast of Garrucha?

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Is everywhere king closed today and tomorrow with day of the kings falling on a Sunday?

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Can anyone recommend a good party venue in the Arboleas area that would hold about 100 people??

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Did anyone buy a Mercadona Turkey for Christmas? Whilst it cooked beautifully, it definitely had a taste to it....almost as if it had been basted in something, but we couldnt quite place the flavour?

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Can anyone recommend a gym that speaks English....I have eaten too many pies over Christmas lol

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Does anyone know where I can get Helium filled balloons for my grandaughters 9th birthday party. We are near Garrucha?

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Happy Christmas ai users! Hope you are all enjoying a lovely day x

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Must share that i wnet to the pink house at weekend they have all sorts if you are a collector of prints or egyptian things this is the place to go.

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We are on our way back to Spain tomorrow, will anywhere be open over the weekend for Christmas shopping, we havent got bag space to bring stuff back with us.

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Is there an equivelant of Vics Vapor Rub that you can buy for the Chemist here??

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Are there any Indian takeaway places Albox area??

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Is it too late to send a parcel to UK to get there in time for xmas? Does anyone know of a courier service that will take it for a sensible price?

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What are everyones favourite online stores? Want to do my christmas gift shopping online this years, so all recomendations welcome!

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Just wanted to let you know that Lidl and many other supermarkets are doing food collections today for spain's food banks - the items will be given to those in need ths christmas. I believe dried goods such as pasta and pulses are the usual donation, but if you want to give something else I am sure they will take it. 

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Does anyone know if there is a place to go to learn Reiki in the Almeria area?

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