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My friend rang me last night to say the Cucador road is now open and you can pass it.

started by: ruth1961-368114 · last update: 1349200642 · posted: 1349200642

Hello Guys, is there any bus service that run between Olula del Rio and Albox for school times, friends car broke down and no transport for the kids to get to school thanks.

started by: Gordon Maddock · last update: 1349168956 · posted: 1347895179

Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a video capture device in Almeria that will allow me to download videos from my Sony Digital handycam mini DV mini cassette camcorder into a computer running W 7 which is a 64 bit system? I can copy on to VHS but wish to download direct to computer. All products for purchase of the video capture classification type on the internet appear to  be only available  by mail order from USA which I wish to avoid if possible.  Also, many will only operate when the video camera is linked to a 32 bit system computer! Any help will be appreciated. Gordon Maddock Estudio Campana  www.estudiocampana.com  and www.gordon-maddock.com/estudiocampana      

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Anyone know the current rate of Inheritance Tax between Husband/Wife.

started by: cathy-367329 · last update: 1349079695 · posted: 1349015728

Hi all. Does anyone know if it's possible to get to the motorway via Albox? We have people to pick up from Almeria tomorrow.

started by: freddy-367375 · last update: 1348927867 · posted: 1348845912

Hi all. I am sure I dont have to tell you the weather is awful, but apparently it is going to get worse! 

started by: frank94 · last update: 1348690940 · posted: 1348679661

Hi, is there ant where i can watch English tv for free would be great?

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1348666512 · posted: 1348666512

Does anyone know of a charity that will take old clothing/blankets. Probably not for selling on but for recyeled textiles?

started by: lostinspain · last update: 1348564165 · posted: 1348252556

Does anyone know of a programme available for downloading free books on a kindle?

started by: Emi79 · last update: 1348508557 · posted: 1348153521

Do the children in the almeria area wear school uniforms?

started by: kylexy · last update: 1348491022 · posted: 1348334836

I am expecting a parcel and have has an email from the correos saying that it will be at my local branch soon to pick up. I didn't know the correos sent out emails like that - does anyone know whether it is some kind of scam (although no-one has asked me for any money so i don't see how it can be!)

started by: teadrinker-367679 · last update: 1348335020 · posted: 1348076896

Has anyone downloaded the free Living in Spain guide as advertised in classifieds here?I did this afternoon, its a very interesting read and who can say no to a freebie?

started by: garyg-367459 · last update: 1348253293 · posted: 1348253293

Can anyone reccomend a computer repair person please?

started by: escapeartist-872682 · last update: 1348243244 · posted: 1348243244

Hi Does anyone know of suitable venues in Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce or Almeria to hold History of Art classes/discussion groups. I would ideally like to partner with hotel/restaurant to supply participants with refreshments during and at the end of sessions. I have all my own technology gear. Many thanks

started by: mel-367315 · last update: 1348220086 · posted: 1347719649

Does anyone know if there any local fiestas on over the next coupld of weeks. We have visitors coming and fancied a few nights out and about.

started by: jonnynew · last update: 1348153362 · posted: 1348153362

Hi, can anybody tell me the price of school books this year at Olula del rio school please?

started by: sharonr-368299 · last update: 1348153118 · posted: 1348127983

Does anyone know of any photography clubs around the Almeria area?

started by: Emi79 · last update: 1347790647 · posted: 1347558664

Hi, finally found some land to buy, but was lookin at having a small log cabin built,is there any body in Spain that supplys these please please please....

started by: greg22-367316 · last update: 1347656731 · posted: 1347384388

Hi, Is there any car boot sales in the Almeria area please? Cheers.

started by: roobarb-367764 · last update: 1347630056 · posted: 1347630056

Does anyone know of a place offering B & B accomodation in Mojacar? Thanks

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