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Dan Bongino CBD Oil offers your body with the higher portion of CBD oil separated from hemp plant leaves. Dan Bongino CBD Oil includes the unadulterated portion of 500mg of hemp plant concentrate and it is liberated from THC part and other unsafe synthetic substances. In this way, your body gets the unadulterated portion of hemp plant leaves and it permits you to appreciate the remedial impacts of the recipe. https://www.demandsupplement.com/dan-bongino-cbd-oil/

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How are you managing it? What have you found that seems to work?

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Hello,  Does anyone know of any english speaking doctors in Almeria, Almeria? Im looking for either a General Practitioner, or even better still would be an OBGYN (Gynecologist)? I lived in Almeria last year, and on the few occasions that I had to go to the doctor it was a NIGHTMARE, and I had to bring a friend as a translator! Much thanks for any assistance in the matter! 

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Hi I am living in England and my parents live in spain....about 8 weeks ago my father suffered a number of strokes and i came out to spain for a month to be with him. i have unfortunately had to return home after looing after him for a month, and since then he hasnt heard anything about having a second operation.......I have been enquiring this monrning at the hospitals in almeria and huercal overa about when this will be but its virtually impossible as no one there seems to be able to understand what i am asking......I do not speak very good spanish and have been using a online translating page.....my parents dont speak spanish either which is why they always pay for a translator when visiting the drs/ hospital for anything, however the trans;lator is not allowed to get the information needed for my father to see when his operation is going to be as he is not next of kin.........does anyone know how i can find the date and day out for his next operation as  originally he was told it would be within a month and that was about 7 weeks ago now...... Many thanks if anyone can help. I really dont know where else to turn. X

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at the moment we live in france, but we are looking at moving to spain because of the weather and the reason below. Could anyone give an outline of any problems in joining the spanish healthcare system, if you are a non active( dont work ) early retiree. In france, there is a bit of an issue with a five year residency rule introduced in 2007 which means exclusion from the state healthcare scheme for the first 5 years.Then its a bit of a game trying to be accepted with all sorts of silly excuses being cited why you cant. We are at the stage of throwing in the towel and trying somewhere else. I have read that for people with no other way of qualifying to join the state scheme in spain there are regional run scheme's called the Convenio Especial. Is that a viable option to private healthcare for people with pre existing conditions? Is it easy to join? I know it doesnt cover prescriptions but are there many other exclusions? Our thanks to anyone who reply's  

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can anyone recommend a good dental insurance cover?

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I have developed sinusitus and can't get to the docs until after the weekend. Has anyone got a tried and tested home remdy to help ease the pain please?

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Hi I am Visting Spain early part of next year Jan -Feb and want to ask if it is still possible to go nude at Vera Playa or is it just to cold ? Also looking for naturist friends in area .

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has anyone seen moroccanoil hair products for sale?

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can it be bought here, is it even legal here?

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Does anyone know where I could buy one?

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I keep hearing about omega 3 supplements and their benefits - does anyone on here take them and what is your experience with their effects?

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I want to get an electric cigarette kit to help a friend stop smoking, can anyone offer any advice on which is best, how much to pay - the price range seems to vary from 10€ to over 100€ so its a bit confusing....

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I have some gift vouchers to spend and was thinking of investing in a serum for my skin - has anyone got any recommendations of which brand is best?

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I accidently wore a costume jewellery necklace all night and I woke up this morning with a rash all the way around my neck. Its really itchy - what can I put on it to make it feel less uncomfortable? and  does anyone know if it would be ok to put some makeup on the rash before I go out so that people don't think I have some horrible skin disease...

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I used to get a Clarins facial for a treat and my skin is missing it, does anyone know of a clarins salon anywhere?

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Hi, I am looking for some coconut oil to use as a hair conditioning treatment but am having trouble finding any. I've seen it online, but for over 20€ a tub, which is just too expensive. Any ideas?

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Please help, is there any English speaking Doctors in the Almeria area please.

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How long can you keep suntan cream for please, more than 6-12 months?

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