Cooking with sherry

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Have you got any good recipes? We had a gathering last night and have been left with a couple of open bottles that I don't think will keep too long. Betty


Sean-363168 1208514615

What about that old English fave sherry trifle?

alhambra22 1208541095

Here's a link.

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I've got a belta. You need a package of chocolate chip cookies or two, and about a pint of whipped fresh cream.

Dip the biscuits in the sherry, arrange two next to each other, then another two, etc. so you end up with two across and four along. Then a layer of cream, repeat the dipping in process, and layer them exactly the same way on top of the cream. You will probably have enough for a third layer of biscuits.

Finally finish by covering the whole thing with the remainder of the cream and fork it to make it look nice, then grate chocolate on the top. It will look abit like a creamed housebrick in size! Pop it in the fridge just for awhile for the sherry to be soaked up. Everyone will swear you are a genious.

Betty-362961 1208798721

Lots of delicious suggestions. Noted for future use. Thank you all.


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