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Is there a way to get rid of the annoying flies here?  I have tried fly spray from the supermarket, but it didn't seem to do anything....

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kylexy 1371741514

I'd love to know if someone has found something that really works, am sick to death of flies pestering me allll the time

hangman-348099 1371841147

Look up "homemade fly trap" on youtube, there are some good ideas - going to give it a try myself over the weekend (seems like flies is a general problem in spain, as I am all the way up in valencia) and will report back on results!

MHL-369123 1373979760

We have a large screened fly free area around our house installed by a Company local to us, its the same as they have in Florida.

For the areas that we dont have enclosed we have tried the pennies in a plastic bag filled with water trick.  Apparently these are unpleasant to flies as the pennies reflect in the water.  I'm not saying that its got rid of them all together but there arent as many as there were and it doesnt smell like fly traps do.

football crazy-903502 1374141324

Ahhh, so that is what the plastic bags of water are all about!

ozpom 1377538478

Ok this might bea little late for this year, but get yourself some AGITA

It's in a white tub, granules that you add to water.  You then spray the solution, I find it best to spray EXTERNAL of the doors, flyscreens and on the walls and surrounds of the window and door frames.  Understand that it works by ATTRACTING the flies, (some kind of pheremone I think) then the product attacks their nervous system, so you'll see them buzz about a little on the floor as they die. 

The shock is that it really works. (and a tub cost 28euro, but will last 6 months to a year) I am SO relieved that I found this, they were a nightmare here. Now just the odd one or two manage to get in the house. 

I spray if I notice them coming back, around every 4 or 5 days.  I add a teaspoon of granules to a 1.5 or 2 litre bottle, shake then put in a spray bottle. 

You can get it at horticulture type places, ask for it by name - Honest, it works. PS I do not work for them, get commission or in any way benefit from promoting this stuff. I heard the farmers use it, and it was a neighbour that told me about it.  Hope you can find it and get the relief we did.   




football crazy-903502 1377545470

Thanks for contributing to the discussion! its never to late to find new ways to get rid of the hated flies....

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