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I have just been quoted over €12000 for a furniture pack for a small two bedroomed apartment, surely it wouldn´t cost that if I did an Ikea trip and sorted it myself. Has anyone else done this just out of interest?? Bound to be cheaper I would have thought.

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That must be a luxury furniture pack!

As you say, you would be able to furnish your apartment far better and cheaper by doing it yourself. and you will get everything exactly as you want. You should get free delivery and the delivery drivers will put the items in the rooms you want them in.

If you get flatpack furniture, there are people who build it if you dont fancy doing it yourself.

People i know who bought a furniture pack ended up replacing half the stuff within months.

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When i bought included in the apartment price was the choice of a furniture pack or a voucher to get my own choice of furniture - the voucher value would have been €1500!!!

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