Giving the patio a good clean

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But I don't want to use loads of water or chemicals, not least of all because of run off into garden. What can you advise, be quick while I am in the mood for the job!

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If you have a friend who has an electric power washer, or you can hire one it is well worth it. It will bring up the patio like new and they dont use too much water.

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how about a steam cleaner they use very little water and no chemicals. You may be able to hire them but I think you can buy for quite a god price for larger stores.

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Pressure washer machines are also quite good. They're efficient, quick to use and environmentally friendly as you don't need to use chemicals or too much water. Some cleaning companies may offer this sort of service if you don't fancy doing it yourself.

I'll be back

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Good for cleaning roof tiles as well, bring the roof up like new and also locate any leaks.

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