Growing fruit trees

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We have just moved to a house with a nice sized garden and we fancied growing perhaps a grapefruit or lime tree...are they easy to grow here?

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Olulagirl 1357589940

We havent got either of those, but we have oranges and lemons, and also pomegranites. They were here when we bought the place 10 years ago and are great to just leave, grow, feed now and again and pick the rewards!

pippin-367314 1357590028

I hadnt thought of pomegranites, I will see if I can find some of those as well. thanks x

firefly-367680 1357641387

Citrus trees are a popular choice - you can even have one tree with two different fruits which is nice! I personally would go for soft fruits like peaches or plums though!

roobarb-367764 1358249962

Citrus trees are fairly easy to grow, generally if you ask in your local garden centre they will be able to tell you what will work and what won't

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