house plants for dark rooms

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My houseplants keep dying as the room I have them in doesn't have much natural light. What could i grow that will be ok?

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teadrinker-367679 1420531670

Monesteras do well in darker spaces.

rosewood-368931 1420631790

African Violets should do OK if you have electric lighting on in the room.

ClearRivers 1421319384

Thanks for replying, I'll try those out.

juani 1427020841

The best plant I have found for dark rooms is the Mother-in-Laws tongue but you must water it very little in the winter ,unless you have central heating maybe, or the roots will rot.  I have a parlour palm also which is pretty tolerant, but it is beside a very small north facing window so it has a little direct light. but of a poor quality.  Also good ones are the Maranta. the Rubber Plant (NOT variagated version) and the Weeping Fig .  Best of all are the Aspidistras , but only the plain green variety.  

ClearRivers 1427101958

Thank-you juani, all those ideas sound good, I have a couple of pots of mother in laws tongue outdoors, so I will bring one in and try that.

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