How to get water switched back on when out of the country. who to contact etc.

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I have a property in Chazelles (PoitouCharente) which has now been vacated by my last renter some while ago. I want to go back to the property but my managing agent says the water has been cut off. The contract was in my renters name. I need to first, get the water switched back on, secondly get a contract raised in my name for the property. I currently have a villa in southern spain and want to go back to Chazelles but I need the water re-connecting before I return. Any help to do this would be gratefully received. There are no outstanding bills. The last contract was with SAUR. I have tried ringing but my Francais is not as good as when I was in school some 60 years ago.


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Hi Jerry,

Have you tried asking the same question here:

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