Priors compensation?

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What are the latest developments in the housing demolition situation? Someone mentioned that the Priors might be getting compensation. Is this accurate?


matt-363353 1207851938

I don't think so. There has been nothing about it in the local news and I reckon it will take months, if not years, before they reach an agreement.

bouquet-363013 1207916715

I cannot believe the sheer stupidity of the Spanish administration. At a time when people are hesitant in buying anyway due to the value of the pound against the Euro, and the general slow down in buying overseas why on earth did they not think it through before bringing this situation to the forefront of every newspaper and TV known to man! Its certainly not going to help the Spanish economy now is it.


indala 1208013044

It will probably be years before the Priors get any compensation. We have been fighting Land Grab now for 5 years. On the 3rd of May at the Oasis tropical Hotel Marina de la Torre, Charles Svoboda from the Valencia AUN will be giving a talk on property rights and wrongs. Everyone is invited to attend and give their support.


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