rag rugs

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I would like to make a rag rug. Does anyone here do this and if so can you offer some tips to complete novice!

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dulcecorazon 1360655179

I haven't made one for years, but I used to just use a simply technique which involved making a long braid and then sewing it in a spiral aroud that back....send me an email if you want me to explain in more detail.

firefly-367680 1360853567

Thanks, I will send you a pm! I had looked at doing the woven type rag rug but it looks to complicated.!

gnomeface 1361397498

Google the instructables website, there are loads of craft things on there.

maisy-367461 1361615710

There are instruction on here as well....


firefly-367680 1361784232

Thanks guys, my first rug is looking great thanks to dulcecorazon's kind email help/instructions! Very easy to do, if you like crafty things you should give it a try.

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