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We have been looking at these Roomba robots for floor cleaning. Was wondering if anyone reading the forums has one and how it works on ceramic tile flooring? We have pets, so any feedback on how it deals with pet hair would also be welcome.

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We borrowed one to try. They are supposed to work on all sorts of flooring and we were impressed with the cleaning results, but we found that because our house has several sets of steps/is on different levels, it was a bit of a pain to run a cleaning session as we kept having to set it for the various areas and couldnt just leave it to do the whole house. Just something to bear in mind as they are quite a pricy purchase.

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Interesting to hear you experience, borrowing one to try does sound like a good idea. I can see what you mean about stairs being a problem, we are in a ground floor but it does have a small set of steps between the dining room and lounge so that could be a bit of a problem.

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I have one for my flat in the UK, it has a special brush for picking up pet-hair and it works really well - my daughter lives there with two long haired cats and it always leaves the carpet spotless.

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