Tiny white flying insects.

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What are the very tiny biting insects with white wings? They are a real nuisance as they pass through the fly screens. We have had thousands of them in the last few weeks.

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kylexy 1373644685

No idea what they are but we have noticed them too....

MHL-369123 1373883659

We had problems with these so I bought a spray from Mercadona. Its the one that last for 6 months and I sprayed all my fly screens. The next morning they were covered on the outside with hundreds of dead "wings with teeth"

margfore-887044 1373909715

Thanks a lot for this tip.  

They are driving us mad and for such a tiny insect they have a big bite.

We don't usually kill indiscriminately and do not usually spray  - but war is declared!



kylexy 1373961477

What is the name of the spray that you bought MHL?

MHL-369123 1373979161

Sorry the spray I bought is active for 3 months not 6 months. Its a Mercadona own brand in a reddy brown tin with black lid.

It has a picture of a beetle on the tin with a red line going through it.

It says its for Cucaracha's and Hormigas but it worked on my screens

3 meses de duracion

I have heard that the cactus that these small flies breed on are about to be sprayed locally as its a major problem and the Health people have got involved!


Hope this helps.

ClearRivers 1374048228

Interesting you mention those cactus, there was one near my house and when the owner cut it down we were inundated with those pesky little flies but I didn't make the connection.

kylexy 1375172475

I got some of the spray that MHL mentioned and it seems very effective. Thanks.

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