Troublesome wasps

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MY satellite dish wasn't working properly, so I climbed up to see what was going on and found that wasps had made a nest. I sprayed it, knocked it down...and a few days past, we started getting a problem with the Tv reception again. Up I went and the nest was back! Does anyone have any tips to stop the wasps building a nest there as I'm not keen on spending the summer climbing up to get rid of them and I'm a bit worried that the wasps will get more aggressive as the weather warms up.

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I think you'll just have to keep spraying to get rid of them. Make sure you do it in the evening.

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A mate of mine is a satellite tech here in Spain and has mentioned several times that wasps love making nests in those things. His advice is to make sure that they are not getting inside the workings of the dish (apparently there is a box called a feed cover that they tend to go inside) You can use electrical tape to cover up any holes or cracks. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your comments, I'm going to take another look and make sure they are not getting inside it somehow.

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