walking stick tree

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I remember many years ago seeing a plant called a "walking stick tree" - It had a twisted stem. does anyoe know anything about it, and whether it'll grow here?

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I've seen "walking stick cabbages" could that be what you are after??

ClearRivers 1406722899

no, it was more of a tree/shrub

gnomeface 1406893204

Twisted hazel maybe?

loiza-903500 1407147314

My uncle had a tree called harry lauder's walking stick - i wonder if thats what you are looking for?

lightbysolar 1408506372

The walking stick tree (Corylus avellana “Contorta”), also known as Harry Lauder’s walking stick, grows well throughout most of the Bay Area.

This unusual plant is bushy and has distinctive, twisting branches that give it a unique appearance, especially in the winter when the leaves drop off.

Pruning eliminates extra growth, both to control the plant's size and to make its twisted limbs more visible.

The unusual shape of the walking stick tree adds an interesting accent to your landscape, a definite plus when it’s time to sell.

Harry Lauder’s walking stick is striking at any time, but particularly so when it has a wall or solid fence as a backdrop.

ClearRivers 1408907729

thanks for your comment

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