Watering whilst away

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I dont have a sprinkler system as I never usually go very far and use a hose a couple of times a week. But I have two fuscias that will need water for a couple of days. What are those slow releasing granuals called that retain water ? when I asked locally they looked at me as if I was off the moon!


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Are you thinking of Perlite, which holds moisture and does not decompose.

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Yes I think it is. Anyway, I have decided to bring the plants in an stand them in a bath of water as its only for a couple of days.

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my watering system while away is called the bloke next-door. We swap this service whenever needed. If not possible I read once about using a plastic bottle with a tiny hole in the lid stuck in the soil, have not tried it. I think I will give it ago while I am home just in case everyone is away at the same time.

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Good idea with the bottle trick. Give it a trial run though and you will see how long the water lasts and how well it does the job.

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The fuscia survived! But I was left with dozens of tiny weeny flies in the bathroom for a couple of hours after I had taken out the plants. Might try that bottle idea.

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