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I have been reading a gardening book that talks about weaving willow to make fences and so on, but the book is from England - my question is, will willow grow successfully here? Or is it just too dry, as I have found with many other plants.

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teadrinker-367679 1429628768

Willow does grow in the wild in Spain, so it should work in your garden. I wouldn't plant until autumn though as the summer heat is not kind to young plants.

firefly-367680 1429690791

Adding to what tea said - willows do grow here but I've only seen them on the banks of rivers. They like to "keep their feet wet" so you might want to think about whether the spot you'll be planting them in is humid enough.

rosewood-368931 1430061554

Yes the dry conditions are my main concern, I worry that it will all shrivel up and die off in summer.

football crazy-903502 1430247974

Probably not worth putting irrigation in unless you plan to do the rest of your garden.

rosewood-368931 1430303141

Hmm, going to have a rethink! Was just an idea but don't think it'll work out.

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