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I would like to use the water from my washing machine on the garden. What do I need to do to be sure its safe to the enviroment

started by: teadrinker-367679 · last update: 1404288800 · posted: 1403345369

what do other ai readers pay for keyholding and what services are included?

started by: Sunseeker-955286 · last update: 1403601153 · posted: 1403399347

My wife and i have been looking at homes for sale and have seen a number of cave houses that looked good. Does anyone know how they are for living ? Heat in the summer and basic costs to operate like electricity and taxes.                                                            thanks                                                                         

started by: loiza-903500 · last update: 1401700736 · posted: 1401123544

Does anyone have any suggestions of where I can shop online/offline for sheets, pillowcases and so on? Looking for a nice design but not silly prices...

started by: football crazy-903502 · last update: 1401267008 · posted: 1400755440

We have family visiting later in the year and they love to go to Botanical Gardens or stately home gardens in UK - is there anything similar here?

started by: ClearRivers · last update: 1398023776 · posted: 1396985669

how can i stop the slugs from getting my lettuces?

started by: gnomeface · last update: 1396689442 · posted: 1393407082

Can anyone explain exactly where the weekly rastro in antas is?

started by: linda richards-949171 · last update: 1395845041 · posted: 1393968801

Does anyone know if there is such a thing as rent to buy option in Spain, we are looking at renting somewhere around Turre, with an option to buy any help would be appreciated, or if anyone knows of anyone selling and would be willing to do this option to let us know thanks in anticipation

started by: loiza-903500 · last update: 1394527237 · posted: 1394050604

Where can I order gravel, Mojacar area?

started by: kylexy · last update: 1394146899 · posted: 1382526234

My gf was home alone yesterday when two men came and knocked at the door. She never opens the door when she is by herself and spoke with the chain on- they said they wanted to check our gas appliances and she told them that we'd already had a service done, so they went away. It occurred to me when she told me that they could be scammers, as I have heard of this happening before. So I just thought I'd post on here and let you all know in case they turn up on your doorstep!

started by: rosewood-368931 · last update: 1393970209 · posted: 1393241486

I rescued a big glass bottle as I thought it'd be good for making a bottle garden. But I don't know what to plant in it? Any ideas on plants that are easily available here and would look good?

started by: roobarb-367764 · last update: 1393241261 · posted: 1392629179

I was thinking of getting one of those home weather stations for a friend's birthday, but am drawing a blank on where to buy it. Has anyone seen them for sale anywhere?

started by: roobarb-367764 · last update: 1391511310 · posted: 1390935638

Anyone out there got any experience with mandarin trees? The new growth on one of my younger trees is curled up and crumpled looking. On closer inspection the leaves have some sort of grey matter on them, so i think it   could be an insect. How do we treat this?

started by: ClearRivers · last update: 1391197339 · posted: 1390579469

Does anyone have any experience with growing pistachio trees, I picked two up on the market but haven't planted them yet.

started by: rosewood-368931 · last update: 1390828603 · posted: 1390384260

Has anyone got any tips for cleaning suede boots? I seem to remember being able to buy little kits for doing this, back in the UK, but I haven't spotted any here yet....

started by: loiza-903500 · last update: 1388420880 · posted: 1388141545

My washing machine doesn't spin the clothes properly any more, does anyone know what the problem might be and if it is possible to fix ourselves?

started by: gnomeface · last update: 1387403363 · posted: 1384853081

My wife and I have decided that instead of big pressies, we are going to make a christmas stocking of (lowcost) goodies for each other this year. I bet she has loads of great ideas for me, but I'm a bit stuck - can any one help me come up with a little shopping list of items to get me started? (now let's just hope she doesn't log into Angloinfo and read this!)

started by: papillon11-367193 · last update: 1385385875 · posted: 1385385875

Has anyone got a storage unit or a single lockup garage for rent for about two months dec /jan, we are looking to buy a villa in the area and want somewhere for some boxes, small amount of furnture ,tools and a small car trailer, will pay going rate Lynne

started by: hellboy77 · last update: 1384853112 · posted: 1382952294

Can anyone tell me the right way to clean brass?

started by: annie-l · last update: 1382435732 · posted: 1380632642

Please does anyone have a surplus fridge or small fridge/freezer that they w ish to sell.  We are only in Spain for a few weeks each year at the moment, so are unwilling to pay the high prices for Spanish white goods.  Condition unimportant as long as it works.  We shall be in Purchena 8-21 October and could collect then. Also how do you dispose of non-working fridges in Spain?  Presumably there are regulations, as in England, and you can't just leave it by the communal rubbish bins. Thanks for any information Annie-l

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