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Whos the Zanussi repair people around here, my Washing machine is making a terrible noise, so it needs looking at.

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Has anyone used those bamboo torches that use paraffin? are they safe do think?

started by: Vera56 · last update: 1226567484 · posted: 1226517032

Well I did my search at the weekend looking for hot water bottles and nothing. Has anyone seen any around.

started by: alboxannie · last update: 1226365172 · posted: 1226138367

Friends of ours have bought a cream leather suite, they only unwrapped it yesterday. It was delivered two weeks ago but with all the building work and dust they left it covered. Now they have unwrapped it there are marks on each arm of the settee. They have been back to where they purchased only to be told tough! its no longer their responsibility as they signed for it. Does anyone have any advice as to what steps they could take to rectify this?

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I thought I would start a topic on how we try and keep warm when we get that really colled spell. It would be interesting to see what others do. We put down rugs in the lounge and bedrooms. Its amazing just how much warmer the rooms feel. Especially when you just get out of bed its nice to feel carpet under your feet. We also swop over to lined curtains in the lounge, this keeps the heat in. How about you?

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We have a large rug in a rented apartment that could do with a clean, does anyone know of a service in the Almerimar area please?

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I would like to know if anyone here has got solar panels for heating water and radiators, can you tell me how efficient it is in the cooler months, do you need supplementary heating?

started by: drury-363079 · last update: 1225823065 · posted: 1225823065

Its that time of year again, need a supplier for my wood burner does anyone have a contacts.

started by: alboxannie · last update: 1225747449 · posted: 1225747449

I have had a leaflet delivered recently offering economy heating working out at couple of euros per day. Its like a flat panel that is supported on brackets on the wall, has anyone had this installed and if so can I believe the low costs?

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I would like a recommendation for a supplier and fitter of Parquet flooring, if anyone can help please.

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has anyone else had this in the last few days. I had to go through a load of rigmarole because some one had accessed my account. Though must say Ebay were very helpful and efficient

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My friend in Vera rang me yesterday as her internet suddenly went off. Is anyone else having problems?

started by: alhambra22 · last update: 1223547764 · posted: 1222970596

My wooden table has lots of dusty, little holes appearing in it. Suspect woodworm are to blame. How can I get rid of them?

started by: blue suede shoes · last update: 1223403752 · posted: 1223316873

Where can I go to get a spare set of keys cut? I realise there are probably several places around the province so is there a particular sign I should look out for?

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Anyone had ago? Is it as messy as making bread and as time consuming?

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Is there a rule that you cant work machinery after a certain time? Yesterday from 8am through to nerly 9pm we had a cement mixer going two doors away.

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I want to buy some decent winter quilts to leave in an apartment we rent out for the winter. Can anyone suggest where I can get them with UK sizing, as all the covers are from the UK and I have had trouble getting the Spanish to fit properly. Cheers me dears.

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A few of us have got together and decided once a month we will meet and alternate between a poor mans meal and a rich mans. It should be rather fun. So I would now like to cheat and ask anyone out if they have any recipes for the poor mans. I cannot spend more than €1.75 per person. There will be four of us.

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On display at our local Brico's they are demonstrating this new paint spray for Euros 99 which supposed to spray rejas and other ironwork quickly without mess. Something to do with a magnetic force. Just wondered if anyone had bought one and if it does what is says on the tin, so to speak! Tezcal

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I am sure most of us have put down the black membrane before putting the stones down but the weeds still seem to find there way through. Try using wet newspapers instead around the plants especially, overlapping them as you cover with mulch. The weeds cannot get through wet newspapers. Tezcal

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