started by: sgb77 · last update: 1221038174 · posted: 1220979224

Has anyone tried these out? I have been told you put them in the filter thats inside the pumphouse. They last about 3 weeks and keep the pool immaculate. Just wondered if anyone had given them a go. SteveB

started by: missbarry · last update: 1220873198 · posted: 1220873198

Does anyone know of a lady decorator in the Albox area? As I live alone I think I would feel more at ease. Its only a little internal painting I cant manage now. Thank you.

started by: bouquet-363013 · last update: 1220871120 · posted: 1220642673

Is there somewhere I could take almonds to have them shelled, I will be there until the next harvest if I dont get some help! Velez Rubio area. Ta. Bouquet

started by: vistavee · last update: 1220605996 · posted: 1220441892

I thought whilst I was advising on how to get rid of ants I would share this one with you too. To get rid of fruit flies, take a small glass and fill it half full with apple cider vinegar and two drops of washing up liquid and mix it well. The flies will be drawn to it and away from you and your glass fo red.

started by: missbarry · last update: 1220441660 · posted: 1220385091

I have never had a problem with ants before but for some reason they seem to be taking a liking to my kitchen door, in they come and up towards the bin. I have tried ant powder around the door outside but I am not really happy doing that in the kitchen, does anyone have any other ideas of how to shift them?

started by: queenvic · last update: 1220385468 · posted: 1220174239

have you got these? I am looking for a good company to fit to our garden apartment, we had them on villa whaen we moved in.

started by: shula-364316 · last update: 1220084818 · posted: 1220034000

We intend to rent off our apartment next summer. We are concerned about the rising costs for electricity and dont know whether to go down the air conditioning route or stick to turbo fans? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Shula

started by: vistavee · last update: 1219761370 · posted: 1219572688

We are already planning as crazy as it seems our source of winter heating. With the price of oil, it wont be central heating. What about wood burners how do you find them, and is it easy to source a supply of good dry wood? Garrucha area. Thank you.

started by: sgb77 · last update: 1219334175 · posted: 1219243250

We are having a bit of a do at the end of October and would like someone to come along and take over the whole catering and drinks side of things. Can anyone recommend someone to us?SteveB

started by: subway · last update: 1219315315 · posted: 1219242931

Does anyone know of any estate agents out there in the Almerimar area that sell to Europeans, other than the Brits? French, Dutch, Germans? We want someone to market our place in countries that have money to spend as we are having no luck whatsoever with the British.

started by: atlast · last update: 1219243406 · posted: 1218705369

Has anyone got any ideas if or when the Telemicro service will be resumed?

started by: missbarry · last update: 1218806170 · posted: 1218806170

I am thinking of giving them a go to try and give some privacy on my glazed patio area. Can anyone recommend a supplier and will they fade in the bright sunshine?

started by: sgb77 · last update: 1218705025 · posted: 1218635233

Are they better than messing about with PH Plus, PH Minus and chloride? SteveB

started by: seamus-363846 · last update: 1218548404 · posted: 1218535248

We have found that things have been really quiet this year on the normal rentals I just wondered how others had gone on this summer? Any ideas of how to bring those bookings in for next year?

started by: seamus-363846 · last update: 1218535155 · posted: 1218535155

I just wondered what other communities do with regards to extending the use of the pool apart from July and August. It seems ridiculous to have it sat there and not be able to use it. What are the options to extending the time?

started by: atlast · last update: 1218465716 · posted: 1218445591

I am sure someone asks this every year but here goes .Got any good fig receipes please

started by: Charlieboy-363953 · last update: 1218447951 · posted: 1218208316

This morning on checking the pool I noticed a green film forming on both the lights. I put anti algae in everytime I clean the pool, twice a week at the moment. I also use Action 10 which supposed to have anti algae in it too. So where do I go with this now? The lights look really scruffy, any ideas? Charlieboy

started by: weejock-363010 · last update: 1218368488 · posted: 1218186842

we are thinking of getting this on our place. Are they a useful thing and where should I go to get them I have had real problem locating a company that supplies and fits.

started by: shula-364316 · last update: 1218128863 · posted: 1218128863

We are moving into our first place in September and its an unfurnished property. Cananyone suggest where we can do some bargain hunting to kit it out? Mojacar Playa area. Shula

started by: joliver-363187 · last update: 1218033825 · posted: 1218015693

how do you solve this problem can it be done DIY or should I call an expert in?

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