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Can anyone tell me if there is a Yorkshire Linen in the Almeria area? Bouquet

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Apart from watering plants any ideas what else I could use this for. It seems such a waste just to throw it away.

started by: alboxannie · last update: 1217606328 · posted: 1217606328

For any budding gardeners out there, now is the time to take your cuttings from all your favourite shrubs and herbaceous plants. Climbers are also easy to root from cutting taken at this time of year.

started by: bouquet-363013 · last update: 1217531760 · posted: 1217522157

Is there a right or wrong time to cut back this beautiful plant? The reason I ask, we have to paint our rejas and I will need to cut back the plant to get at he window, I am afraid in this heat it may suffer. Bouquet

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I heard this one from a neighbour. Keep all the water that collects from your air conditioning unit, use it with a little floor clean for all your floors and apparently it leaves them really shiney. Not tried it yet. Does anyone else have any tips for using up the air con water?

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Can anyone tell me if there is an alternative to using chlorine in our pool. Not salt either, I am sure there must be something out there?. Tezcal

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Without actually driving around the whole of Almeria how would I find out where residential mobile parks are? I need to rent one throughout the year not just seasonal. Bob Ross appreciation society

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Can anyone tell me do black olives come from leaving green ones to ripen or they two different types?

started by: joliver-363187 · last update: 1217162515 · posted: 1216980116

What can I do with a batch of green tomatoes i've been given- heard of green tomato chutney but no idea where to start?

started by: sgb77 · last update: 1216753867 · posted: 1216753867

Does anyone know a flower shop in Roquetas that will deliver locally? I am here all week and dont know this resort all that well. SteveB

started by: terry08 · last update: 1216753776 · posted: 1216648508

What sort of price would I expect to pay per hour for a local plumber, Almeria area? Tezcal

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I have been painting the rejas this afternoon and even with white spirit I cant seem to shift the black paint off my hands. We are out tonight any tips?

started by: terry08 · last update: 1216492122 · posted: 1216473614

Has anyone come up with a full proof solution to cracked walls? I have tried gouging out, filling with cement, then painting over, and the cracks come back. Does anyone know of anything on the market that would perhaps expand in the cracks and settle? Tezcal

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What sort of charges could I expect to pay for a two bedroomed apartment to be cleaned and laundered?

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Hi, I am told you need an electrical saftey certificate from the electric board in Almeria (Mojacar) if you want to sell your house. I have some problems with my downstairs electrics and need some work done and have been told (by the electrician) that instead I will need to get the whole house rewired for it to now be legal. Anyone had the same experiences, will I have to swallow the large cost and get everything rewired to be able to get the saftey certificate? Thanks

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We have a bit of a problem. One of our neighbours does not appear to be caring for their pool. The problem that we have its now there are alot more mossies and bugs around because of it. We have tried a gentle push in the right direction with them but its not made any difference. Any ideas? Tezcal

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I need quick results for a lousy space. What is cheap, grows quickly and doesnt need much help in doing so. Ta.

started by: terry08 · last update: 1216123039 · posted: 1215951045

What sort of price would it cost to change the sand in our pool pump. I would have a go myself but it doesnt look particularly easy. Tezcal

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Does anyone have the number of a locksmith covering the Almerimar area please? Its rather urgent. Thank you.

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As I am prone to suffering power cuts I was thinking of investing in a generator. I have no idea how they work, how long they last before they need refilling. I ahe seen one locally for sale its a 2 kw. Would it actually support using say my washing machine and TV at the same time?

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