started by: alboxannie · last update: 1215172352 · posted: 1214511052

Any ideas of what I could plant by our pool without it shedding leaves, or petals everywhere but looks nice?

started by: chainroad · last update: 1215172019 · posted: 1215083240

I am really having problems with the fig trees this year. The fruit seems to be falling before it has had time to mature. The leaves are also dropping. I cant see any insects or anything so dont really know what the answer is.

started by: indalogirl08 · last update: 1214995342 · posted: 1214655358

Next weekend I am doing a barbie for the friends, I always cheat and buy the sauces but want to have a dabble myself. Anyone got a secret recipe up their sleeve they may want to share with little old me?

started by: bouquet-363013 · last update: 1214987868 · posted: 1214915549

I have just read that it is quite easy to take the pod from a Japonica, better if its slightly open and plant the seeds in a pot with soil, water daily, not in direct sunlight and bingo your ownlittle seedlings in a short space of time. Know anyone with a Japonica? Would save buying one. Bouquet

started by: mariposa-363850 · last update: 1214654866 · posted: 1214482006

My friends have woke up this morning to find their pool cloudy. I said I would ask for them what they could do to rectify it. There is no dirt on the bottom, the chemical balance is fine, its just cloudy towards the top of the water level. Any ideas?

started by: queenvic · last update: 1214648099 · posted: 1214554915

Where can i find a good conversion table, like you used to get in the back of a diary.

started by: bouquet-363013 · last update: 1214517249 · posted: 1214140605

Anyone out there with an Aloe Vera plant that they actually use for its healing properties? I buy the product in a tube but wondered if it would actually work growing my own. Bouquet

started by: sgb77 · last update: 1214516937 · posted: 1214432336

Does anyone know if there is a Bo Concept Furniture store along the coast, Almeria, Roquetas, willing to travel somewhat. Thank you.SteveB

started by: subway · last update: 1214432036 · posted: 1214140763

Can anyone tell me if its on schedule? Has anyone taken over their apartments yet?

started by: alta418 · last update: 1214043234 · posted: 1213954953

I have to take a dress back to the Pull and Bear, I bought it in Roquetas. Does anyone know if they have a branch in El Eljido to save me driving all the way back to the Plaza? My Spanish isn´t good enough to phone them and ask. Thank you.

started by: missbarry · last update: 1213876800 · posted: 1213876800

A friend of mine is looking for someone to clear the chimney. Is there anyone offering this service in the area?

started by: alta418 · last update: 1213787321 · posted: 1213539637

Does anyone have any tips on how I can keep this problem to a minimum. Is there something on the market I can buy to try and soak up the oil that floats on top of the water? I have seen motor yachts with some sort of pad they throw on top of oil spills and wondered if there is something similar for pools.

started by: bouquet-363013 · last update: 1213621257 · posted: 1213180762

Presently where we live there are many open spaces that have been left by the builders with offending building debris everywhere. Its not unique to our urbanisation I know but why do they do it? There seems to be no pride. What do others think? Bouquet

started by: AMS-364046 · last update: 1213602037 · posted: 1213543245

I am new to the forum, and would like to seek the help of you all. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to get picket fencing or wooden trellis in theAlmeria area? AMS

started by: alta418 · last update: 1213181051 · posted: 1213117878

Has anyone tried false grass around a pool area? If so what sort of price could I expect to pay per metre and is it as easy to maintain as the blurb says?

started by: Charlieboy-363953 · last update: 1212770901 · posted: 1212770901

We have a lovely old chair, been in the family years but we need it recovered. Does anyone know of an upholsterer in Granada area? It needs some TLC. Charlieboy

started by: missbarry · last update: 1212770408 · posted: 1212658496

I have just thought perhaps if I bought some English familiar products my friend may find the gesture supportive, (she is having problems adjusting). Is there anywhere I can pick up some well known brands anywhere around the Almunecar/Motril area?

started by: leeb-363997 · last update: 1212622268 · posted: 1212482543

Hi has anyone heard of a company called ukshoppinginspain.com i read an advert in the paper that said they can get whatever you want from the uk and they will deliver to expats in spain.

started by: janemurf-363015 · last update: 1211713872 · posted: 1211531655

I have been looking for some pottery for the terrace and the garden centre in Almerimar doesn´t seem to have much choice, everything is same old, same old. I dont want terracota, and I wont be putting plants in them so I want them to look good, funky like gunmetal colours or ultra modern stuff. Does anyone know anywhere that does just pots that would give me more choice?

started by: chainroad · last update: 1211713053 · posted: 1211639230

Can anyone give some tips for the use of lavendar? We have a profusion and dont want to waste it. The more ideas the better.

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