started by: sgb77 · last update: 1211138021 · posted: 1210927722

I have a really expensive cut glass decanter that I just cant get clean. Its really dull with a chalky deposit. Any ideas? I cant actually get a brush in it or a cloth as the top is too narrow. SteveB

started by: Annie-363166 · last update: 1210849309 · posted: 1210773452

I need to find some invisible mending to repair a hole in a top I have. Has anyone seen it anywhere? Annie

started by: timeout-363725 · last update: 1210334807 · posted: 1210246975

Are there any strains of fruit tree that would grow in a container? Ideally we would like a lemon tree on our terrace, or are we being too ambitious!

started by: bouquet-363013 · last update: 1210105284 · posted: 1209977752

This weekend I purchases thee most beautiful fuschia plant. If I was in the UK it would sit happily in the lounge and do OK. However, I was assured by the Spanish lady I purchased from it would be OK in the shade on a patio? Do I risk it, has anyone else got fuschia outside on terraces or patios? I would be very upset to lose it. Bouquet

started by: indalogirl08 · last update: 1210105161 · posted: 1209979662

I need a good use of lemons other than for the vodka and tonic! Can they be pickled? or somehow stored in jars in something???

started by: terry08 · last update: 1209978206 · posted: 1209922242

Is it true that banana skins are good for the garden?? Tezcal

started by: terry08 · last update: 1209727241 · posted: 1208631662

I accidentally spilt bleach on the new white seat and its stained it quite bad. I`ve tried Cif, but it looks like its there for good, anyone got any ideas?? Tezcal

started by: Garrucha Bert · last update: 1209725747 · posted: 1209577851

My vegetable patch is coming along nicely and now turning my attention to plants and flowers. Do you happen to know of a guide to gardening in Spain or could you recommend some plants to grow?

started by: missbarry · last update: 1209664148 · posted: 1209637672

I am looking for someone who could make some alterations on some slacks I bought recently, and a zip putting in another pair. Does anyone know someone good at alterations? Roquetas area. Many thanks.

started by: Sean-363168 · last update: 1209553236 · posted: 1209463599

I need to buy some thin mdf panels. Where would be a good place to go?

started by: drury-363079 · last update: 1209547133 · posted: 1209479914

Is there anyone out there that has a pool alarm? We have friends enquiring as they have grandchildren coming out for the first time this year and have concerns over their safety. What would be the best to go for? Any advice much appreciated.

started by: sgb77 · last update: 1209546417 · posted: 1209313186

Does anyone have any magic potion that would sort out the water when we have the kids over in summer. It seems to go cloudy the minute the grandchildren get in! SteveB

started by: Sean-363168 · last update: 1209147497 · posted: 1209033734

What is this called in Spanish and where can I buy it? Cheers.

started by: Annie-363166 · last update: 1209123113 · posted: 1209061024

Are there any domestic appliance engireers round about that you know could help repair a washing machine? Annie

started by: Betty-362961 · last update: 1208798721 · posted: 1208455076

Have you got any good recipes? We had a gathering last night and have been left with a couple of open bottles that I don't think will keep too long. Betty

started by: Betty-362961 · last update: 1208369007 · posted: 1208282646

I am I right in thinking there is going to be a special meeting in Mojacar to discuss the state of play with demolitions and Spanish property? I would be grateful if someone could forward me details. Betty

started by: drury-363079 · last update: 1208171412 · posted: 1208103517

Just decided to try a climber against the villa wall, I dont want to use unsightly plastic framework to train it does anyone have any other ideas of what I could use that wont be on show?

started by: Betty-362961 · last update: 1208093364 · posted: 1204720363

Need to get a chair re-upholstered. Where can I go? Betty

started by: alhambra22 · last update: 1208013044 · posted: 1207825118

What are the latest developments in the housing demolition situation? Someone mentioned that the Priors might be getting compensation. Is this accurate?

started by: matt-363353 · last update: 1207937561 · posted: 1207851701

Can anyone recommend one they have used?

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