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Can anyone recommend one they have used?

started by: matt-363353 · last update: 1207331910 · posted: 1207307711

Sorry if this has been asked before but do you know if Telefonica in English belongs to Telefonica?

started by: heaven08 · last update: 1207073991 · posted: 1206987506

Are there any car boots in Almerimar or at a push Roquetas that anyone knows of?

started by: bouquet-363013 · last update: 1207041005 · posted: 1206874038

I´ve jsut come across some knives and forks I brought over with us years ago, they need a good clean, does anyone have an ideas how I can get the shine back? Bouquet

started by: terry08 · last update: 1206793046 · posted: 1206558549

Due to the really high winds, one of the cross bars on my gazebo has snapped, the rest of it is in good nick so dont want to ditch it. Can anyone think of a good glue, or some way of keeping it together without it looking unsightly?? Tezcal

started by: sgb77 · last update: 1206727980 · posted: 1206350436

We have a balcony that gets alot of sun throughout the day, everything I have tried seems to scorch. Does anyone have any ideas of what we could plant that could withstand such intense heat? SteveB

started by: subway · last update: 1206277944 · posted: 1205961058

Just read someone was interested in attending this event. You can pre book your tickets on www.gemspain.com it saves you money too!

started by: sgb77 · last update: 1206028949 · posted: 1206028949

A couple of years ago, before we bought in Almerimar, we were put up in a small hotel in the old part of Almeria by MacAnthony. I have been racking my brains trying to thin of the name?? Did anyone out there buy from the same Real Estate agents who may know the name of this place? If not we still need a small bijou hotel for some friends, preferably in the old part of time. Quaint and sweet required! SteveB

started by: Garrucha Bert · last update: 1206011112 · posted: 1205950073

I would like to attend this event in Alicante. Where can I find out about ticket prices and what do you think is the best way to get there?

started by: heaven08 · last update: 1205960771 · posted: 1205864042

At the moment I am using bleach to try and keep the mould at bay on our bedroom walls. then to top that when I changed the bed at the weekend its even on the base of the actual bed! Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this.

started by: drury-363079 · last update: 1205498514 · posted: 1205498514

Need a reliable pool cleaner - Vera area. Ta

started by: queenvic · last update: 1204913364 · posted: 1204901393

any got a recipe and ifo on the tradition as I want to make one for a Spanish friend and include a little note of the tradition

started by: blue suede shoes · last update: 1204826260 · posted: 1204720595

Am I mad to contemplate making my own Easter eggs. Has anyone else tried? Is it relatively easy or would you suggest I buy them instead? Recipes welcome.

started by: Annie-363166 · last update: 1204630850 · posted: 1204630850

I want to get a few painting prints framed to put up around my place. Can someone tell me where to go? Annie

started by: Nell-363167 · last update: 1204107903 · posted: 1203935632

Where can I get hold of some feather pillows? Do you know of a good home linen store?

started by: Jay-362962 · last update: 1203416832 · posted: 1203358449

Are they opening an IKEA in Granada? Jay

started by: Marco-362963 · last update: 1202493091 · posted: 1202297144

One of my mates is addicted to Vegemite and other Aussie foods, so it trying to find out where he can buy them. Have you seen any or do you know where he could buy them?

started by: matt-363353 · last update: 1202232398 · posted: 1202209986

We want to get a shower cubicle so trying to get an idea of stores, types and prices. Where are the best places to go? And what, roughly, should we expect to pay?

started by: weejock-363010 · last update: 1201721194 · posted: 1201165549

Can anyone recommend a good electrician to fit some plug points please.

started by: Garrucha Bert · last update: 1201168029 · posted: 1201002671

I want to start my own vegetable patch. Not familiar with best types to grow. Help please.

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