started by: arnie-363203 · last update: 1200990955 · posted: 1200911918

In the researching phase. What sort of planning permission would I need to extend my property? And roughly how much would it cost to get? I'll be back

started by: Sean-363168 · last update: 1200768114 · posted: 1200507052

Is there anyway to safely remove the nests of processionary caterpillars? My mate has noticed a few in the pine trees around his house and as he has a small child, he doesn't want to risk waiting until the caterpillars come out.

started by: Sean-363168 · last update: 1200650734 · posted: 1200562262

Where's Almeria branch of Leroy Merlin please?

started by: meandyou-363006 · last update: 1200477594 · posted: 1200407944

Can anyone recommend a good company for our community to use please.

started by: matt-363353 · last update: 1200390328 · posted: 1200304205

Got a new domo phone from telefonica, but somehow ploughing through the manual in Spanish does not appeal. Know where I can find it in English?

started by: Betty-362961 · last update: 1200303425 · posted: 1200045973

Where can I find a launderette in Mojacar? My washing machine is on the blink and as a temporary measure until we get a new one I need to find somewhere else to get the piles of clothes washed. Betty

started by: nightowl-362996 · last update: 1198230058 · posted: 1198157672

Is there an art shop in the area i want to take up the hobby again but i cant find any supplies.

started by: Betty-362961 · last update: 1198062859 · posted: 1198001618

Anywhere that sells sweet smelling scented candles near Mojacar? Betty

started by: alice-363103 · last update: 1198062287 · posted: 1198062287

Can anyone recommend a nice shop for little trinkets and gifts for the home?

started by: tracker-362997 · last update: 1197976635 · posted: 1197971322

I´m yearning for a mince pie, has anyone seen any around in the shops?

started by: joliver-363187 · last update: 1197976388 · posted: 1197976388

We always have Salmon on Christmas eve before the big meat fest. problem is have not got my fish kettle here, anyone seen them for sale or will I have to improvise?

started by: the cream · last update: 1197656296 · posted: 1197652878

I am a pretty dire cook, I got me mum to make the mince pies and sausage rolls, but do'nt tell anyone. However I thought even I could manage brandy butter and surprise mum, if that is, one of you kind people will tell me how its made!!!

started by: Annie-363166 · last update: 1197656048 · posted: 1197627092

You just know someone is going to manage to spill some red wine during Christmas, so does anyone know of any tips for removing it? Annie

started by: Annie-363166 · last update: 1197396592 · posted: 1197369063

Hello, It's perhaps a little late, but I am looking for somewhere that I can hire a carpet cleaner to do my carpets before Christmas. Does anyone know where I might find one? Or a company that would clean them for me? Ideally near Roquetas de Mar, but willing to travel a little further afield. Annie

started by: atlast · last update: 1197366525 · posted: 1197366525

I have a lot on household and DIY electrical stuff I brought from UK. Is it best to change the plugs, well in my case get someone to do so! or is it OK to use adaptors?

started by: ourmum · last update: 1197310370 · posted: 1197038044

Last night I realised i had not sent an elderly aunt a Christmas present. Thank goodness for Tesco, I was doing a search and found there site so have sent a lovely orchid. Good price too. http://direct.tesco.com/flowers/

started by: ourmum · last update: 1197279973 · posted: 1196419694

What's the secret, I can cook most things but my Yorkshire puds are always a disaster, few tips please

started by: Nell-363167 · last update: 1196877087 · posted: 1196875650

Does anyone know how to tell if a washing powder / liquid is non-biological? One of my boys has developed eczema and I think switching powder may possibly help. Which are the best brands for sensitive skin?

started by: joliver-363187 · last update: 1196415053 · posted: 1196341191

Hey I was in Carrefour the other day and was really amazed at the international section. So many kinds of food stuffs and amazing ingredients. Went right over the top buying. I shall now be cooking, Chinese, Moroccan, Dutch, Italian etc.

started by: 1two1-363001 · last update: 1196252269 · posted: 1196156062

Any opinions of the most cost effective method of heating, apart from solid fuel in Spain.

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