started by: Nell-363167 · last update: 1196100608 · posted: 1195814587

Hard to believe, but I am still confused about Spanish clothes sizes. Where can I find an idiot's guide to converting them?

started by: weejock-363010 · last update: 1195981035 · posted: 1195911675

My Dyson is making funny noises anyone know of a Dyson agent in the area, so i can get it serviced.

started by: bushy-362998 · last update: 1195831723 · posted: 1195209671

Am a newly-converted, tho' rather ignorant, gardening enthusiast. What's the best system for setting up a compost bin?

started by: nightingale-363127 · last update: 1195808227 · posted: 1195574930

But I don't want to use loads of water or chemicals, not least of all because of run off into garden. What can you advise, be quick while I am in the mood for the job!

started by: Flak-363000 · last update: 1195724442 · posted: 1195487443

Wheres the best place to get a small garden shed, or has anyone one they dont want?

started by: changeisgood · last update: 1195551377 · posted: 1195125149

We would love a nice green lawn, not to big but green green green. Any experts out there got advice sowing, caring for etc? thanks

started by: the cream · last update: 1195389472 · posted: 1195034149

Hi everyone. I need to install a balcony screen to divide my balcony from my neighbour. Can anyone recommend a place to buy such a thing.

started by: the cream · last update: 1195209480 · posted: 1195034303

Can anyone recommend a company around Almeria that supplies and fits clear anti-uv window film, thanks.

started by: queenvic · last update: 1195126951 · posted: 1195037401

I have promised to make lemon meringue pie for a Spanish friends birthday but in a trial run my meringue mixture just would not get to the right stiffness, Cannot think what I am doing wrong Help!!!

started by: joliver-363187 · last update: 1194947962 · posted: 1194945042

Its always good to have sharp Knives in the kitchen and I sharpen my own. I was more than pleased to get a sharpening stone for 60 cents from my local Chinese bazaar, and it great.

started by: nightingale-363127 · last update: 1194275372 · posted: 1194275372

Is this possible, its a small chip,. How mad am I it happened when the last of the new tilling was being done. Do not want to start ripping out bathroom before we have even used it!!!

started by: nightowl-362996 · last update: 1193909745 · posted: 1193829751

Has anyone any experience of using the salt water chlorination? Interested as to which method is the easiest and/or cost effective solution.

started by: atlast · last update: 1193829458 · posted: 1193829458

Can anyone tell me where i can buy some coal? small or large quantities.

started by: atlast · last update: 1193821676 · posted: 1193759694

I have a lot of plants in pots and troughs that have been doing very well till now. The problem is that a number of them seem to be losing the colour from their leaves what could cause this?

started by: myfatcat · last update: 1193393089 · posted: 1192814159

what can I use the flowers for. I have made a few lavender bags to keep the moths away but what else could I do?

started by: storm-363219 · last update: 1189677819 · posted: 1189506671

I am moving to Almeria next month and am coming out next week to find an apartment. Can anyone advise me on what documentation I need to rent a flat? Thanks

started by: bushy-362998 · last update: 1185699936 · posted: 1185444315

Is it a good idea to mulch your plants in Spain, you dont often see it done here.

started by: janemurf-363015 · last update: 1185179853 · posted: 1185097157

If anyone knows of a reliable kitchen fitter close to Almerimar (Roquetas) area it would be much appreciated. We have been quoted some silly prices for a small kitchen. Even if we end up buying Ikea we would need a flat pack fitter. Help! Many thanks

started by: janemurf-363015 · last update: 1184922920 · posted: 1184861431

I have just enquired about a unit for an apartment we are about to take over. To my surprise the builder asked what grading I wanted, looking blank back at him he then explained that the cheapest to buy will be the most expensive to run, whilst the most expensive to buy would be the cheapest to run. How come nobody has ever explained that to me before?? Has anyone else heard of this?

started by: subway · last update: 1184861286 · posted: 1184183784

I dont have a sprinkler system as I never usually go very far and use a hose a couple of times a week. But I have two fuscias that will need water for a couple of days. What are those slow releasing granuals called that retain water ? when I asked locally they looked at me as if I was off the moon!

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