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Please does anyone have a surplus fridge or small fridge/freezer that they w ish to sell.  We are only in Spain for a few weeks each year at the moment, so are unwilling to pay the high prices for Spanish white goods.  Condition unimportant as long as it works.  We shall be in Purchena 8-21 October and could collect then. Also how do you dispose of non-working fridges in Spain?  Presumably there are regulations, as in England, and you can't just leave it by the communal rubbish bins. Thanks for any information Annie-l

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Hi everyone - A while back I saw a craft project which used old glass bottles by splitting them to make vases - but I didn't pay attention to the technique and now I can't find the page - has anyone done this and can you tell me how? Thanks!

started by: football crazy-903502 · last update: 1377545470 · posted: 1371627690

Is there a way to get rid of the annoying flies here?  I have tried fly spray from the supermarket, but it didn't seem to do anything....

started by: margfore-887044 · last update: 1375172475 · posted: 1373636464

What are the very tiny biting insects with white wings? They are a real nuisance as they pass through the fly screens. We have had thousands of them in the last few weeks.

started by: ClearRivers · last update: 1373359046 · posted: 1372081515

Can anyone tell me where to buy decent potting compost? I bought some from the chinese shop and it was awful - really dry and powdery.

started by: Eilish-912517 · last update: 1372414170 · posted: 1372404686

Hi, My partner and I currently live in Australia (both EU Nationals) and are very seriously considering buying property around Granada. For the next few years, it would be a holiday home or rented locally if possible, with the aim of moving into it later. We will be in teh area in August and are hoping to visit some properties and also find out what the process would be and potentially the tax or other implications of having a property there whilst living abroad. Could anyone direct me to a good website explaining this and a reliable estate agent who will not be on holidays in August (19-26). Thank you!

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Good morning AI. I am looking at buying a cordless phone and before I make my purchase, I just thought I'd come and get some opinions here. Any brands or shops I should be looking at in particular or models to avoid? Thanks!

started by: roobarb-367764 · last update: 1368603677 · posted: 1367998723

In the UK I have seen blueberries for sale in pots for the patio , just wondered if anyone knows if tblueberrie plants would grow here and if there is anywhere that sells them?

started by: loiza-903500 · last update: 1367400447 · posted: 1367400447

I saw an inflatable jacuzzi for sale and its tempting, so I just wondered if any AI users could give me the benefit of their experience - are these worth the money, are they quite sturdy? any comments welcome

started by: gnomeface · last update: 1367314123 · posted: 1367070393

Can anyone tell me if there are issues with palm trees getting infected with some sort of insect that kills them? 

started by: roobarb-367764 · last update: 1364062711 · posted: 1364062711

I have a lovely white table cloth, which I took out of storage yesterday and there are yellow marks on the fabric. Does anyone know how to get these marks off?

started by: gnomeface · last update: 1362220118 · posted: 1361864651

I want to get some more plug points added in my home, does anyone what sort of price I should be looking for when I get some quotes? Do I need to get a proper electrician for this or will a handyman be capable?

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Hello, Looking for Brociflower seeds, has anyone got a clue where i could buy these from could you please pm me. Cheers.

started by: babyblue-367323 · last update: 1361962186 · posted: 1361901640

Hi,  Can anyone give me some good tips of how to grow good potatoes please. Thanks

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1361784232 · posted: 1360101963

I would like to make a rag rug. Does anyone here do this and if so can you offer some tips to complete novice!

started by: cathy-367329 · last update: 1361049423 · posted: 1360949170

Hi, I am looking for a joblot of Jewellery crystals could any one help. Thanks

started by: mel-367315 · last update: 1361049349 · posted: 1360949382

Has someone got some good growing tips for growing Coliflower. Could you please post on here thanks.

started by: margfore-887044 · last update: 1360759201 · posted: 1360759201

We are considering a move to the area around Taberno. Is there anyone who lives in that part of Almeria who could share information on the  potentialsocial life and particularly climate.  It seems to be quite exposed to the weather but as the wind has been quite strong this winter it is hard to make a judgement.  We are keen gardeners and wold like to be able to establish a garden.

started by: pippin-367314 · last update: 1358249962 · posted: 1357589812

We have just moved to a house with a nice sized garden and we fancied growing perhaps a grapefruit or lime tree...are they easy to grow here?

started by: sharonr-368299 · last update: 1358236744 · posted: 1358194483

I need a spare gas bottle, can you just buy one?

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