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Anybody know of a window cleaner? in the Uk there were loads of them, I cant find one here.

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The pool company tell me I should have this pump running for 6 - 8 hours, every day, that cant be right surely?

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Have an apartment at Valle De Este and wish to rent it out. Does anyone know of a person or company in the area who would be prepared to organise the change-overs etc. i.e. cleaning the apartment, handing over keys etc. K & A

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I have just been quoted over €12000 for a furniture pack for a small two bedroomed apartment, surely it wouldn´t cost that if I did an Ikea trip and sorted it myself. Has anyone else done this just out of interest?? Bound to be cheaper I would have thought.

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We have a huge palm that appears to be poorly I dont think we can salvage it, does anyone know a tree surgeon in the Mojacar area that could take a look at it for us?

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Anyone have a solution for this? Pool area is fine its the stairs that are lethal.

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Does anyone know of a company that do these sails that keep you shaded instead of a gazebo or umbrella? I recall seeing an add a couple of weeks ago but I´ve checked all the local papers and cant seem to find them anymore.

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We need a builder to put in a wall and sliding patio door to extend our one bedroomed to a two. Does anyone know of someone in the Almerimar area that could do the job?

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We are looking for a reputable kitchen fitter for our place in Almerimar, does anyone know anyone who could do the job??

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I believe that a new law has been introduced in Spain making it compulsory for all private swimming pool owners to have an approved fencing system around the swimming pool for security against children drowning Is this correct and if so where can I obtain clarification?

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I know it seems crazy but I would really like to put carpets just in the bedrooms. Does anyone know where I could find a carpet shop similar to the ones back in the UK. I dont want big rugs, I need fitted.

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Does anyone know where the nearest Ikea store is to Roquetas, please dont say we have to travel all the way to Malaga to find one! Cheers

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