started by: nick24 · last update: 1355335923 · posted: 1355334303

Hi, need lots of budgie seed any ideas please.

started by: pammy70 · last update: 1355298989 · posted: 1355238958

Hi, is there any companies that bulid stable doors, please.

started by: garyg-367459 · last update: 1355239633 · posted: 1355239093

Hi, I have over 40 roof tiles if any one would like them for free you can pick up.

started by: duckmad · last update: 1354010536 · posted: 1353917413

If anyone has a spare TV aerial to sell I would be most interested not sure if I need a digital box or not.  Would appreciate info.

started by: freddy-367375 · last update: 1352402845 · posted: 1352316149

looking for cheap printing company please help, got loads of pics want to send to family. just post thanks.

started by: pammy70 · last update: 1352105866 · posted: 1351177973

Hi, I have a very small money plant, it is now 2 years old and not grown much, is this normal please.

started by: cathy-367329 · last update: 1351700819 · posted: 1351700707

Hi Guys, looking for a cheap ond liner any idea where i could get one, been to three garden centers already, can you email me please. Thanks.

started by: Emi79 · last update: 1351627014 · posted: 1351274562

Hi People, Could somebody give me a clue how much the rubbish charge is in the Almeria area please? could you post on here every day. Thanks for your help.  

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1351118645 · posted: 1349104959

Daughter has come home with chewing gum on new jacket - any ideas how to get it off?

started by: gnomeface · last update: 1350737322 · posted: 1349881678

I bought an electric sander from lidl a couple of weeks back and it has stopped working. I still have the reciept - will they do anything about it?

started by: diymick · last update: 1350672292 · posted: 1350320528

Hi Guys, Need lots of wood is there any where about i could get some from, building a log Cabin. Cheers.

started by: Emi79 · last update: 1348684252 · posted: 1348679090

Hello, I am looking for a mobile home or Static Caravan for sale, i am willing to travel to pick up. please pm

started by: Emi79 · last update: 1348679163 · posted: 1348679163

do you need planning permission to have a static caraven on wet land (orchard) please pm thanks

started by: Juanida · last update: 1347351476 · posted: 1347279844

I´m having problems with my lavender plants always dying after a year or  two in my country garden.  They begin to look so ugly and woody after a while and starts to dry out and die whether watered more or watered less.  Does one have to prune lavender after it has flowered?  I´ve bought various types of lavender here and am starting to wonder if it is a biennial and not a perrenial as I had thought.

started by: goatherd-368432 · last update: 1347309100 · posted: 1332253032

HiDon't know if any of you are in my position with many almond trees..... well I have been looking now for a small motorised mechanical nut cracker for over a year. All I could find was a drill powered one in the States. I have now bought one of these from their new distributor in Europe........ it is fantastic.I have cleaned over 7 kilos of almond kernels in less than 6 hours......!!!!I am sure that there are many of you in the same situation.drillcracker.es is where they are.Hope it works as well for you as it does for me.CheersGoatherd

started by: diymick · last update: 1346747081 · posted: 1346502931

Can anyone recommend a place thats cheap for floor tiles?

started by: teadrinker-367679 · last update: 1345578634 · posted: 1344724226

Has anyone got any ideas for keeping my laptop cool, it seems to be getting hotter than normal lately.

started by: hellboy77 · last update: 1345145315 · posted: 1344691760

M y girlfriend has a black and white photo of her grandparents that she would like to get restored. Anyone know anywhere that does ths?

started by: Lar2084-367565 · last update: 1343172049 · posted: 1343037914

I have an Orange Mobile and a dongle, both on contract. Orange do not appear to put the starting date on the contracts. I went into the shop to find out when they finished but if you dont cancel well in time then they automatically renew the contract for a further year. Although the 24/7 coverage is very good it is expensive at over Eu50 a month (in England it is appx £26). Has anyone had problems cancelling and can anyone recommend a good supplier for pay as you go mobile and a unlimited usage 24/7 dongle.

started by: lyndabmack-367380 · last update: 1341859381 · posted: 1341502264

we live in El prado Arbloeas, and we are looking for a reliable person to supply and erect fencing, we have a wall at the front of our propery with ballastrade on which looks lovely but doesnt offer us any privacy, we have priced up the green rafia type fencing but seems very expensive, we are open to ideas but at the moment it looks like fencing panels, as this will offer us the privacy were looking for, the wall is approx 30m long, and we would want the fencing approx 6ft high, Any one who would like to quote for the job please contact me, with a quote Thanking you in anticipation

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