started by: babyblue-367323 · last update: 1341610523 · posted: 1341256755

How do you work out how many tiles you need? I have some steps that need re-tiling and I cant work out how many square metres to buy. I have 19 steps and they measure 19cm high by 32cm wide and the bit you put your foot on is 23cm deep.....it's driving me mad trying to work it out!

started by: rosewood-368931 · last update: 1340612641 · posted: 1340365592

Arg, some of my plants have aphids on them - how can i get rid of them?

started by: zoes · last update: 1340270987 · posted: 1340096563

I am spending far too much time on my computer and have really missed my piano which I had to sell before I came out here. Does anyone know where I could buy one? perhaps someone has a second hand one for sale? Look forward to hearing from you.

started by: firefly-367680 · last update: 1340094631 · posted: 1339421955

does anyone know whether its possible to grow a cinnamon tree in spain?

started by: aliG-367759 · last update: 1338883999 · posted: 1337761207

I have neither ceiling fans ot aircon and cant decide which to get for this summer. Has anyone got thoughts on this, which works the best especially to have on all night when it is really hot?

started by: linsi77-368412 · last update: 1338348472 · posted: 1334767611

Does anyone know of a plumber in the Almeria area?

started by: Valeria-369023 · last update: 1338031650 · posted: 1337900255

Hi all,Does anyone know the email address of Town Hall in Almeira regarding regaulations/ Ayuntainmento de Almeria /?Thanks,Valeria

started by: grannysmith-367313 · last update: 1336467990 · posted: 1334740067

Apparently propane gas burns hotter, but can you use it as an alternative on boilers and cookers without having to change anything on the appliances? I have been told it is cheaper too?

started by: frank94 · last update: 1336381914 · posted: 1335949461

Can anyone recommend someone to mend a Junkers boiler. Cucador area.

started by: maisy-367461 · last update: 1335607167 · posted: 1335519963

There used to be a lady at the Albox car boot selling china mugs etc. I really need some and wondered if she is still there before I make the journey?

started by: rosewood-368931 · last update: 1334045031 · posted: 1332164012

I have noticed that a lot of Spanish people's lemon/orange orchards have rose bushes planted in them, and wondered if this is some kind of companion planting or for some other reason. Anyone know?

started by: frank94 · last update: 1333194971 · posted: 1333100783

Does anyone know where I could get my chain saw fixed?

started by: aliG-367759 · last update: 1333100614 · posted: 1332489235

I cant afford a real pool, but was looking at the above ground ones. For about 600 euros I could get a decent enough size, but wondered if anyone has one and if they are OK?

started by: rosewood-368931 · last update: 1332261551 · posted: 1332164069

does anyone know of any Spanish equavalent of the "no nails" product we used to buy in the UK for DIY jobs?

started by: teadrinker-367679 · last update: 1331930870 · posted: 1331718261

we have daffodils and irises blooming - such lovely spring weather! how is everyone elses garden looking?

started by: maisy-367461 · last update: 1331302046 · posted: 1331025584

I am struggling to find natural wax polish for my pine dresser. Has anyone seen it for sale anywhere?

started by: frank94 · last update: 1330338613 · posted: 1329815247

The water pressure for the past few weeks has been so low we cant even get hot water. Is anyone else suffering from this problem?

started by: aliG-367759 · last update: 1330076590 · posted: 1329988160

Has anyone tried these energy saving plugs that can save you up to 35% of electric? They cost about 50€ so I wanted to make sure they work.

started by: cliffmorris · last update: 1329469947 · posted: 1328913617

Hi folks, I am moving to the area in April and I was wondering what options are available for internet access in the area. Who provides the fastest connections/best packages with telephone line/calls etc. Until we get settled in our own villa who has best coverage for mobile broadband with a dongle in that area and can you get sim only pay as you go deals?Thanks for any help in advance!Cheers,Cliff

started by: hellboy77 · last update: 1328081784 · posted: 1326878045

It is getting really chilly! What is everyones best tip for staying warm? Yesterday I made one of these : http://www.makeandtakes.com/sewn-rice-bags-warming-our-tootsies Mine isn't quite as neat and pretty, but it is lovely for warming freezing hands up.

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