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I am really sick of the hard water here and have been trying to find out more about a device which you fit where the water comes into the house, which softens the water. I would love to hear from anyone who has one of these as to whether it is good value for money and makes a difference to the water. Or would i be better just to buy one of the special taps for drinking water and not worry about the hardwater throughout the rest of the system?

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Hi, we have just purchased a property in Villaricos and are coming out for 5 days next week to try and purchase some furniture etc. Can any one recommend where I can buy new beds, new modern furniture, white goods? ALSO can anyone advise where/how we dispose of the old furniture. Any comments would be greatly appreciated - Thanks Vicki

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Has anyone experienced swapping houses? We are thinking of looking to swapping our's in Spain for one in England. Thank you.

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someone gave me some daffodil and tulip bulbs at the weekend, is it ok to plant them now in the garden or is it too late?

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Hi,We are moving to Zurgena in April and would like advice on broadband providers and costs. Any advice or information would be welcomHas anyone got any good deals, packages with Satellite TV and internet ?ThanksCat

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left it a bit late, but has anyone found any christmas craker making kits for sale?

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Can anyone suggest a quick way to grout tiles....it always takes me forever to get it in the gaps and make it neat?

started by: frank94 · last update: 1322553855 · posted: 1322215116

Can anyone advise the best way to drill a hole in tiles. Not having much luck!

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I was talking to someone this afternoon, that was saying the law here has changed with regard to your burglar alarm going off and the police being called. Apparently you must now have 3 sensors in the home or business, which all have to be triggered before the police will attend the scene. Does anyone know anything about this?

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I have just bought an antique bed, but need a mattress for it. It is not the usual size for mattresses these days. Has anyone got any ideas as to what I could do, or where I could get one from....even made to measure perhaps?

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Can anyone tell me what to do with my fridge. It keeps freezing up, even when turned down low...is it worth getting someone out to see it, or will that cost me a fortune?

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We were thinking of putting in Freeview into our apartment, we thought it might help with getting it rented out. Can anyone give us an idea of costs involved. We are in an apartment block and I believe its pretty straight forward. We are in Almerimar. Thanks

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Has anyone else had problems cancelling a contract with orange? I recently tried to cancel their Internet Everywhere service by phoning their helpline - they asked me to send a fax with lots of details and now they say that they never got the fax...I don't really want to get into repeatedly sending faxes and have proof that I sent the first one - if I cancel payments from my bank account will this cause me any problems?

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Having a sort out and need a skip. Can anyone recommend a contact?

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We are about to cut down some pine trees and I wondered how long you have to leave them for before you can use them on the fire?

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can anyone recommend a good wood supplier and and idea of price? last years lot wasn't good, full of roots and stones..thanks

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My shower keeps going cold on me. Is there a way of increasing the pressure?

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Does anyone use Ibered.es for their satellite internet connection ?please.I Would like more info before I change from Iberbanda.

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I was given a free sample of Tenn Brilliante Bano by my neighbour yesterday and thought I'd post about it as it is new. Its a multi purpose bathroom cleaner, but one of the better products I have used since getting to Spain - you can either mix it in a bucket to mop the floors or use it neat on a cloth to wipe sinks, tiles etc. The fragrance is nice - clean without being overpowering, and it doesn't foam up all over the place like some cleaning liquids do! I was particularly impressed because it got rid of cal-marks on taps and fittings in the bathroom, I;d been buying a seperate cleaner for that so this Tenn stuff is a good timesaver. Has anyone else tried it? What did you think? At 3.50€ it seems quite expensive but looks like a bottle will go a long way.

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My wife wants a dual fuel cooker. Gas top, electric oven. Has anyone seen any for sale around the Almanzora area?

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