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I am currently living in France with my husband and 2 friendly dogs. We have been here fulltime since 2014. We are looking to travel to Spain for the winter months (October '16 - March '17) We are early retired professional's in our 50's and are responsible home owners and pet owners. My husband and I have both had long term careers within the Fire Service and also enjoyed a small business running dog sitting in our own home. We are looking for some winter sun with our two very sociable dogs. We have a large, new caravan which we could tow to Spain, but do not necessarily want to stay on a camping site. Ideally, we would love more of a farm, field set up, with just some electricity and a field for the dogs to run around freely, and are willing to pay to stay there.Having said that, we would also be available to house sit for someone if they needed help dog sitting and bring our dogs too (unpaid) sometime during the above time period. We are keen gardeners and odd jobbers! My parents still travel to La Herradura near Nerja for 6 months during the Winter months in a motor home,  it would be lovely to spend some time near or around the same area as them. I would really hope that someone reading this could help, or point us in a direction to any of the above options. We could provide character references if required. Many thanks for your time. Regards Mandy and Alan Brown.. and Maddy and Cooper the dogs

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Just wanted to let everyone know to be aware that this warmer weather has brought the ticks out - found two walking on my cats fur today.

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Can anyone recommend a vet experienced in treating horses?

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We rescued about 20 dogs from the perrera almera. They are in the residence anua almeria. The residence will close next days and we organiced the transport from almeria to köln/germany tomorrow 28th decembre. Its all paid an the transportation is nearly almeria but now the PROB: The Vet that has done the traces all the time says yesterday NO to this transport wont finish the arranged traces! We are shocked beacause the transporteur cant stop anything and we have to pay for if they are on board or if not. We cant pay a second transport but if we cant get them out tomorrow they all will go back in the perrera! We need urgent help! We need a VET may from a clinic near almera who is able to do finish the traces. All documents oft he dogs are great and finished! Only the VET had a bad day yesterday but please if you see a chance or a contact to a VET that may can help(we will pay for his help!!!) us please contact me! Please Share!!! (please excuse my bad english!) Sandra Duschl (Found this urgent plea for help on the Facebook 'Million Paw March for Justice' page. Can anybody help? If so please contact Sandra Duschl on Facebook. Thank You).    

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We are experienced sitters and available in Almeria area from mid January 2015 email if you need us.

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Hello All, Many people may not be aware of the terrible fate of some of Spain's hunting dogs.  They may be killed heartlessly at the end of the hunting season, sometimes by the slow and agonising method of 'piano-playing' - the dog is hanged by the neck but can just reach the ground.  The piano-playing refers to the click of its toes on the ground as it desperately scrabbles around until it tires and succumbs.  This can take a long time.  Other dogs are insufficiently fed, kennelled and exercised. A Spaniard has started a petition to present to the Spanish government to bring about some long overdue legislation to protect these animals.  Please sign the petition and pass it on to all your friends, Spanish and English, so that the total of 500,000 required signatures can be reached (see link below, you may need to copy and paste into your browser). http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/293/313/901/ Thank you so much.

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Black Labrador cross missing today in Mojacar. Wearing brown leather collar and Excalibur collar. Very friendly male dog. Any information to margfore@hotmail.com  Phone 634319746

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are there any local networks, or even regional or national that you can use to post info on lost pets. I know there are in France. Not found any here so thank goodness for AI

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Hi all, we are looking at propertys around the Huercal- Overa area and wondered if it is safe to walk dogs off lead in the campo around that way we have heard some bad stories of people being stopped by the guardia for having dogs off lead.

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Can someone confirm that Five Bones Kennels is now closed.   We had our dogs booked in during March but no one has contacted us to cancel.   Notice in paper saying now shut.

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We have a lot of oxalis (the yellow flowered plant) growing around the place, although I let it grow in some spots, I want to weed others - anyway, what I wanted to ask, is can I give the leafs to my chickens to eat?

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Albox area. shepherd female approx 7-9 months. found her on strret ,no one came for her. absolutely a sweet dog,great to kis,cats;dogs. just a great dog. please ring me 602-602-623 thanks

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A friend in has just told me that in Murcia, there is an alert for rabies and the Murcian regional government have released a notice saying that all cats and dogs need to be vaccinaated for rabies before 31st August...Does anyone know if the situation is the same here in Almeria?

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My hens has stopped laying any advice on this problem would be a help. Thank you.

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Hello, Could someone please let me know what sow nuts are please. Thanks

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Hi All, Anyone have a clue how much it may cost for my male micro pig to have his bits removed please. Email me please. Thankyou.

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Hi, I have just bought a black micro pig, the mum was small, but did not see the dad, any idea how big they get. pm thanks.

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Needed dog trainer for my Collie, keeps running off and barks all day and nighht, driving me round the bend (as much as i love him) Please help.

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Hi, Where can i get pig food, not for fattening, he is a house pet. Please email.

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I have seen soneone trying to rehome micro pigs and just wondered if anyone has kept them and what they fed them on?

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