Counselling, Therapy & Psychology

English-speaking qualified therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists in the North Holland area helping adults, couples, teenagers and children with issues such as depression, loneliness, alcoholism, stress, burnout, anxiety and mental health problems.

Hannah Zell Therapy
Hannah is a  USA-trained psychotherapist who mainly centres on helping young people, couples and families handle all manner of emotional difficulties. At: All Amsterdam
Rita bonfa
Rita Bonfa is an Italian, English and Spanish speaking psychologist who supports expats in different locations in Amsterdam. she can help with lots of issues including eating disorders, streets, burnout,  sleeping issues, etc.Working with individual....
Psychologist Robert K. Dunn, Ph.D.
An American psychologist. He helps with family therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. Based in Amsterdam and Utrecht
Psych on a Bike
Offering affordable Counselling & Psychotherapy. We work with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, alcohol & drug dependency, adolescents & children and relationship issues. We aim to build a fulfilling life with our clients. 
The Light Wave Psychology Practice
Dr. Sharon Galor is an expat that helps expats. Do you constantly feel overwhelmed, stuck, empty, anxious, sad, discouraged, under-loved and/or valued? I can help with result driven methods to help you make a change. At: Amsterdam
Daniella Rubinovitz COACH
Daniella is an artist, facilitator, coach, author and speaker. She maintains her studio at the historical Arc at Atelier Molenpad (Center for Intuitive Painting), in the heart of Amsterdam. At: Amsterdam
Prins-Goodman Psychologist and Coach
Vanessa Prins-Goodman has over 15 years experience as a trained psychologist. She provides psychological counselling for people feeling depressed or not adjusting to their new country?A psychologist and coach, is used to helping expats find a more ba...
Pro InSight Psychology Practice
Practice made up of qualified psychologists who offer therapy in the Dutch, English, German and French. The treatment aims to offer an insight into the cause of the problems and dealing with anxiety, depression panic attacks, etc. At Amsterdam
Bonding Therapy- relationship therapy for singles and couple...
I am Marianna Kocsany, psychologist, hypnotherapist, singer-songwriter, based in Amsterdam. Since I started up with my psychological practice, I realized very soon that people are suffering the most from two things: dis-functional rela...
Coaching and counselling practice to help with habitual behaviour and life choices. Includes specific programmes for support and guidance for international young adults to help cope with repatriation and relocation. There are also courses to help with pro...
International Couples Therapy
International Couples Therapy offers counselling/therapy for the expatriate community in the Amsterdam area. I am an American systemic therapist experienced in treating marital problems, relocation difficulties, anger management, domestic violence.
Tracy Favre Psychologist
Tracy Favre, clinical psychologist, provides psychotherapy for children, adolescents, adults and couples. In English and French.
The Expat Kids Club
Private therapy practice working with children and adolescents in transition, incorporating various therapeutic models including mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.
The English Psychologist Amsterdam
Two qualified psychologists. Feeling agitated and helpless? Constant stress and anxiety? We can help with a proven 4 step solution based action to get some balance back in your life. Our psychologists are fluent in English. At: Ruysdaelstraat 49A, Amsterd...
Counseling Amsterdam
Jeannette Bolck is a qualified psychologist and coach that can help expats with emotion struggles. Sessions available in English and Dutch. Evenings and weekend sessions possible. At Keizersgracht 178, 1078 DW Amsterdam.
Expat Psychologist Clint Steenveld
Experienced English-speaking (mother tongue) clinical psychologist and psychotherapist based in the centre of Amsterdam working with expats and locals. I attend to adults, adolescents, children and couples. At : Amsterdam
Expat Therapist - Support for life changing
Somesh Valentino Curti is a qualified psychologist helping expats with support and guidance in areas such as emotional instabilities (anxiety, depression, fear), relationship and sexuality issues. At Amsterdam
Psychotherapy Claire Boers-Stoll
A qualified American psychologist working in Amsterdam since 1991. In my general psychology-psychotherapy practice I treat most common psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. That includes: depression, general unhappiness, anxiety disorders; sub...
Your Therapist Abroad
At times, life can feel difficult and unmanageable. Feelings of depression, anxiety, sexuality, adjustment or expat issues, anger, trauma and grief can be overwhelming. Patterns in your life may seem to be repeating themselves and you are unsure of why.
Koula Charalambous, Mental Health Counselor
Highly qualified American trained expat therapist. I work with individuals and couples exploring issues such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, self-esteem, stress, relationship issues, loss and grief, personal growth etc. Based in Amsterdam
Sophrosan - Mindfulness For Children
Laurence Haffmans is a Certified instructor of mindfulness for children. Does your child struggle to concentrate at school? Does he experience sleep disorders? Does he have difficulties talking about his emotions? Does he lack self confidence? This f...
Functioning Psychology
Francesca Eleuteri Psychologist.  Italian and English speaking Health Care Psychologist and researcher in cognitive and clinical neuropsychology based in Amsterdam. The treatment is tailored to individual and up to date to the latest research. I am s...
The Expat Psychologist
Ben is a trained psychologist proving services for Expats in the Amsterdam area for any years. He can help you with many issues including feelings of pain and fear. At: Amsterdam
Berghout Psychology Practice
Psychology Practice Berghout is specialised in short-term psychological treatment for people with all kinds of psychological problems including anxiety, panic attacks and depression. We offer therapy in Dutch, English and Spanish. At: Eerste Weteringdwars...
Chand Counselling
Rakhi Chand has many counselling qualifications. Based in Amsterdam and a native English speaker, she helps expats and couples with issues including depression, abuse, addiction, relationships, etc. At: Near Vondelpark
Awareness Psychology
Ilse Fernández is an English, Spanish and Italian speaking psychologist that offers assessment to adolescents, adults and couples, as well as offering specialized therapy for mothers (pregnancy, prenatal, postnatal, motherhood). Ilse can assist you in dev...
Kuhler & Trooster International Mental Health
International Mental Health helps expat patients for psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy. Being an expat can complicate depression, anxiety, burn-out and also alcohol or drug dependancy problems, as well as relationship issues. At: Amstelveen
International Counselling Connections
Personal counselling and coaching experts to give you help in many areas including cancer, bereavement, autism, etc. Private, confidential. Individual, couples, or groups. Offered in a selection of languages by professionally trained, skilled counsellors....
MIRA Music Therapy Amsterdam
A listening and movement practice based in Amsterdam created with the intention to guide you through a musical experience. A way of exploring your body, thoughts and feelings with the aim to create a therapeutic setting or personal gro...
Zelda Hall
Psychologist and therapist for help with relationship problems and work issues. Holds an M.Sc. in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology. Regular workshops in English and Dutch. At Lumen, Nieuwe Keizersgracht 58, 1013 DT Amster...
Expat Child Psychology
Expat Child Psychology was established to attend to this: to provide psychological support for the challenges of growing up as, or parenting, children in an expatriate setting. At: All Amsterdam, Hilversum and Utrecht
Expat Psychotherapy and Coaching
Onno de Boer is a qualified clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He assists couples and families with  therapy. He has full professional and state registrations in both the Netherlands and England.  At: Frederiksplein 6, Amsterdam
Your Peace of Mind
Melania Zampieri is a trained Psychologist helping expats experiencing difficulties such as culture-shock, stressful life changes, relationship problems, emotional distress, decision making, conflict management, burnout. At Utrecht.
Homeopathy Christine Zurcher
Treating physical and emotional complaints in adults and children. Areas include : streets, anxiety, mood swings and insomnia. Consultations in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch. At Lijnbaansgracht 101, Amsterdam-Center.
Dan Colgan
I’m a native-English-speaking, certified integral coach with years of experience in the fast-paced and sometimes challenging world of corporate professional life. Themes that I frequently work with include: work/life balance, finding purpose at work, care...
Coach Neil Garland
Qualified Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. Neil can help with stopping smoking, habit breaking, phobias, dealing with fears, stress and emotional issues. Native English speaker based in Amsterdam
Teity - Brain Body Optimisation
Lily Ching combines Rhythmic Movement Training exercise program with Touch for Health kinesiology to optimise brain and body connections. Suitable for people with challenges with learning, concentration, postural control, chronic pain and allergies. At:....
PsyQ International
PsyQ International offers specialised psychological and psychiatric help for internationals. Our expert medical team of doctors and therapists is led by a Psychiatrist/Medical Director. PsyQ is a truly international mental health centre. At: National
Punita Miranda
I am a Jungian psychotherapist & Clinical Psychologist. My areas of expertise are: Depression, Anxiety, Psychosomatic/stress-related symptoms, Self-esteem/confidence, Relationship issues, Cross-cultural conflicts, Loss of meaning. 
American Psychologist.
Psychological assessment for a range of issues including depression, learning difficulties, anxiety, substance abuse and more. Over 40 years experience in finding solutions. Amsterdam Jordaan District, English Speaking.
Studio Therapy Revolution
Studio Therapy Revolution offers individual, couples and group therapy sessions. They are specialised in treating anxiety disorders with the Cognitive Behaviour approach and in using psychodrama techniques in a clinical setting and within o...
Counselling Service Amstelveen
Robertine Nunes is a counsellor and psychotherapist that can help groups or individuals with depression, mental/physical abuse, guilt, shock , trauma and other problems. Her practice is based in Amstelveen. 
SIZOO counselling and coaching
Lysanne Sizoo is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist with over thirty years of experience in the field of expat counselling. After thirty years of expat life she now receives clients at her floating practise about 20 minutes from Amsterdam.
Unravel psychology
Kyra Pyromali is a qualified Psychologist offering support and councelling for expats (English and Greek speaking). She aims to assist you in resolving the complexity of human psychology through a tailored approach and a combination of technique...
VERA Expat Advice
The Expat lifestyle change can cause new pressures on couples and families. Vera helps people with their new lives in a foreign country through coaching and counselling sessions in person or online. She has over 30 years of expat experience hers...
Praktijk voor zelfonderzoek
Anna Calogero is a certified Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in  is fluent in Italian, English and Dutch. Anne can help with a huge range os issues including : memory, bad habits, low self esteem, sleeping problems and lots of other issues ex...
Melissa Parks, PhD (Intentional Expat Therapy)
Individual and couples therapy provided by a psychologist from the United States with experience working with expats, digital nomads, third culture kids, etc. around the world. Online therapy available for individuals located outside of Amsterdam. &n...
Stephen Davies MSc Clinical Psychology
A UK-trained psychologist specialised in treating all forms of depression and ADHD in adults. Other areas of treatment : anxiety, bereavement, adjustment issues, trauma, anger management and low self esteem. At: All Amsterdam
Crisler Coaching
A qualified mentor, coach and expert communicator, I guide individuals and couples through conflict to connection. In the process you learn new communication skills for ongoing honesty and harmony. I’m a native English speaker, been in an i...
Psychologist Esther Schuller
A trained psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist. For individuals and couples. Specialises in expat-related issues, personal growth, medical psychology, anxiety, stress and depression. At: Amsterdam
Turner Psychology
Dr. David Turner is a fully accredited UK Clinical Psychologist. He provides a comprehensive psychology service in central Amsterdam. He has experience and understanding of a wide range of issues especially : depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD and psy...
Laura Gallagher - therapy and life coaching
Laura is a native English counsellor and life coach based in the centre of Amsterdam. She counsels expats with a range of issues such as negative self-image, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, managing relationships and adjusting to living in another c...
Yellow Wood Integrative Psychotherapy Practice
Debby Poort is an American born trained therapist and couples counsellor. Covering various topics including expat adjustment issues, depression/anxiety, stress-management, and work/family related issues. Based in Amstelveen and Amsterdam.
Kathy Mays PhD is a qualified psychotherapist helping expats with their many issues. Some of the areas she covers include : anxiety, bad habits, cultural transitions, etc. At: Amsterdam
Healthy Choices
Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, burn-out, addictions, psychosomatic symptoms, weight problems or grief? Let me help using a unique approach combining hypno / psychotherapy, coaching and body-based therapy. Fully certified.
FLOW Counseling - Nancy van den Berg-Cook, PhD, PsyD
Experienced therapist, Nancy has been serving local expats for over 19 years, working with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, burn-out, relationship problems, adjustment to ExPat life and career difficulties. Offices in Amsterdam and Ze...
Ellen D. Counselling
Ellen is a trained counsellor with years of experience helping people to overcome a wide range of problems and issues. She is trained to listen, understand and support. Many of the areas she covers can be seen in the Full Details section. Based in Haarlem...
Stillpoint Spaces - International Counseling
International counseling practice that offers secure counseling in person in Amsterdam as well as online when traveling. Counseling in English or Afrikaans.
Psychologist Valeria Pierdominici
A highly experienced Psychologist and psychotherapist. Outside of my usual therapy topics (family, couples, etc), I also help top executives to reconcile their successful corporate lifestyles and to find balance outside the work place. Based in Amsterdam....
Psychotherapy Amsterdam
My name is Floriana Maione and I am an English and Italian speaking psychologist. I work with systemic-relational therapy that is particularly suitable for therapy with couples and families facing difficult times, for individ...
Empower Psychotherapy Amsterdam
Empower Psychotherapy is a team of professional therapists that offers psychological services for mental ailments and issues. Our therapists speak multiple languages so you can receive therapy in your own language. At: Van Eeghenlaan 271071 EN Amster...