Counselling, Therapy & Psychology

English-speaking qualified therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists in the North Holland area helping adults, couples, teenagers and children with issues such as depression, loneliness, alcoholism, stress, burnout, anxiety and mental health problems.

Neil Garland
Hypnosis and time line therapy. Help with stopping smoking, habit breaking, phobias, dealing with fears, stress and emotional issues. Native English speaker based in Amsterdam.
Certified instructor of mindfulness for children. English, Dutch and French spoken.
Expat Therapist
Psychologist helping expats with support and guidance for anxiety, depression, fear, relationship and sexuality issues. 
Robert K. Dunn
American psychologist helps with family therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. Based in Amsterdam and Utrecht.
Rhythmic Movement Training exercise program with Touch for Health kinesiology to optimise brain and body connections. 
Psychotherapy Amsterdam
Floriana Maione, English and Italian speaking psychologist. Works with couples, individuals and families.
Olivier Winants
Psychotherapist offering treatment of stress, depression, burn-out, fear, jealousy and abandonment.
Unravel Psychology
Qualified Psychologist offering support and counselling for expats. English and Greek speaking spoken.
Pro InSight
Psychologists offer therapy for anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Dutch, English, German and French spoken.
Mira Therapy
A listening and movement practice based in Amsterdam created with the intention to guide you through a musical experience. 
Valeria Pierdominici
Psychologist and psychotherapist works with family and couples.
Koula Charalambous
Expat therapist works with individuals and couples exploring issues such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-esteem, stress, relationship issues, loss and grief.
Hannah Zell
Psychotherapist works with couples and families dealing with emotional difficulties.
TLK Psychological Services
Mental health services tailored to the international community. Based in Amsterdam.
Your Therapist Abroad
Counselling and therapy for depression, anxiety, sexuality, adjustment or expat issues, anger, trauma and grief.
Dan Colgan
Native-English-speaking, certified integral coach. At Rustenburgerstraat 329-2  Amsterdam, 1072GR.
The Light Wave Psychology Practice
Counselling services for expats in Amsterdam.
Ellen D. Counselling
Trained counsellor helping people to overcome a wide range of problems and issues. Based in Haarlem but also available on Skype.
Zelda Hall
Psychologist and therapist for help with relationship problems and work issues. 
Berghout Psychology Practice
Specialised in short-term psychological treatment for people with all kinds of psychological problems including anxiety, panic attacks and depression. 
Claire Boers-Stoll
American psychologist working in Amsterdam. Treats most common psychological, emotional and behavioural issues.
International Mental Health
Psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy for expats, dealing with depression, anxiety, burn-out, alcohol or drug dependancy problems and relationship issues.
Danielle Van De Kemenade
English and Dutch speaking coaching and counselling and sisterhoods for women in transition. 
InterActive Therapy
Clinical psychologist specialised in treating all forms of depression and ADHD in adults. 
Saskia Fick Psychology
English speaking Psychologist based in Amsterdam. Offers both online and face-to-face sessions for adolescents, adults and couples. 
Laura Gallagher
English counsellor and life coach based in the centre of Amsterdam. Counsels expats dealing with anxiety, depression, managing relationships and adjusting to living in another country. 
Empower Psychotherapy Amsterdam
Professional therapists that offers psychological services for mental ailments and issues.
Expat Therapy
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. At Frederiksplein 6 1017 XM  Amsterdam.
Daniella Rubinovitz
Artist, facilitator, coach, author and speaker. At Molenpad 17D Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Flow Counselling
Experienced therapist, working with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, burn-out, relationship problems, adjustment to expat life and career difficulties. 
Bonding Therapy
Psychologist, hypnotherapist and singer-songwriter, Marianna Kocsany offers relationship therapy for singles and couples. Based in Amsterdam. 
Healthy Choices
Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, coaching and body-based therapy, works with stress, anxiety, addictions, psychosomatic symptoms, weight problems and grief. 
Eire Psychology & Consulting
Psychological therapy service providing support for emotional and mental distress for adults and children. 
Rita bonfa
Italian, English and Spanish speaking psychologist supports expats dealing with eating disorders, stress, burnout and sleeping issues. Works with individuals and couples.
Vera Heijligers
Coaching and counselling sessions in person or online for expat couples and families. 
Esther Schuller
Psychologist and cognitive behavioural therapist, for individuals and couples. 
Coaching and counselling practice for habitual behaviour and life choices. Includes programmes for support and guidance to help cope with repatriation and relocation. 
Crisler Coaching
Mentor, coach and expert communicator, works with individuals and couples through conflict to connection.
Counselling Service Amstelveen
Counsellor and psychotherapist works with individuals with depression, mental and physical abuse, guilt, shock , trauma and other problems. 
Praktijk voor zelfonderzoek
Certified Psychotherapist and hypnotherapist fluent in Italian, English and Dutch.
Your Peace of Mind
Trained psychologist helping expats dealing with culture-shock, stressful life changes, relationship issues and burnout. 
Clint Steenveld
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist based in Amsterdam, working with expats, adults, adolescents, children and couples. 
Build a Bridge
British-Iranian child and adolescent psychotherapist trained in London, UK. 
International Counselling Connections
Personal counselling and coaching for individuals, couples and groups. 
Functioning Psychology
Italian and English speaking health care psychologist and researcher in cognitive and clinical neuropsychology based in Amsterdam. 
The Expat Kids Club
Private therapy practice working with children and adolescents.
Studio Therapy Revolution
Offers individual, couples and group therapy sessions. 
Expat Therapy
Tiffany Gordon an English-speaking psychologist based in Amsterdam and The Hague. This therapy practice is for individuals, couples, and companies seeking help for different types of psychological or emotional difficulties.
Psych on a Bike
Counselling and psychotherapy. Works with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug dependency and relationship issues. 
Dr. Naomi Gibson
Children, adolescents and families psychology specialist.
Embracing Horizons
Child and parent support. At Koninginnegracht 101, 2514AL, The Hague.
Counseling Amsterdam
Psychologist and coach helps expats with emotion struggles. Sessions available in English and Dutch. Evenings and weekend sessions.
English Psychologist Amsterdam
Psychologists based in Amsterdam. English spoken. At Ruysdaelstraat 49A 1071 XA Amsterdam.
International Couples Therapy
Offers counselling and therapy for the expatriate community in the Amsterdam area. 
American Psychologist
Psychological assessment for a range of issues including depression, learning difficulties, anxiety, substance abuse and more. English Spoken.
Lysanne Sizoo
Experienced counsellor and psychotherapist specialises in expat counselling.
Urban Conversations
Life Coach and Counsellor with a background in psychology and nutrition. Online and face-to-face sessions.
Awareness Psychology
English, Spanish and Italian speaking psychologist that offers assessment to adolescents, adults and couples, as well as offering specialised therapy for mothers.